Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 4

Cory's Alternative Friends

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 15, 1993 on ABC

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    This was a great episode. Cory starts hanging out with "nerdy" kids, including the very strange Topanga. In the end of the episode, after everything returns to normal, Cory and Topanga share their first kiss {of course, with each other}.

    This is the first instance where the audience thinks Cory and Topanga will someday be together {which of course happens in the final season}. This is one of my personal favorite episodes. It had a very good plot and some good lines. And the kiss at the end was really nice, sometimes they just happen and that is what the episode is about. Not this time
  • The beginning of Cory and Topenga.

    Wow, this episode is nothing short of fantastic. Shawn's sister (who we never see again) is mentioned and even heard on the phone after Cory tries to chemically straighten his hair. This is also the first time we see the division between Shawn as the cool one, and Cory as the sweet nice-guy-who-finishes-last. And finally, and certainly most importantly Cory and Topenga share their first kiss. Topenga initiates it, which is perfect and totally indicative of how their relationship will go, with Topenga nearly always taking the lead. This episode makes me cry every single time i watch it. Aces and 10 stars.
  • An episode that shows Friends & School critics.

    This was yet another wonderful installment to the Boy Meets World series. It was also a classic as we see Topanga Lawrence for the first time. Cory goes through a stage in which he want's to be himself, he want's to make a name for himself. Instead, he gets named "Punky Brewster" by his little sister, Morgan. He accidently messes his hair. To help him make the transition back to normality, he is comforted by his weird classmates such as Minkus & Topanga. In the end, Cory learns that what matters is all inside, and that he'll always have a seat at the weird table.
  • Cory's first kiss!

    Cory wants to be cooler so he tries straightening his hair. Unfortunately, it turns out to be weird. He is assigned a project partner with Topanga, the weirdest girl in school. He learns that you don't have to care what other people think. He also gets his first kiss with Topanga.

    I loved this episode! It introduced Topanga and they kissed! Also, there's a great lesson. Dont' care what others think of you. Just be yourself. I thought this episode was also very funny! This was just an all-around good episode! I give it a 10 out of 10! Fantastic!
  • Cory and Topanga kiss! SO CUTEE!

    THis was such a cute episode so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute.... Cory and Topanga kiss! soo adorable... its the start of the COry and TOpanga relationship... not really.. hahha
  • This is one of my favorite episodes!!!!!

    When Cory is trying to be cool, there is a major problem, and his hair turns into a disaster. When his friends bail on him, he is forced to sit at the "wierdo" table. Cory figures that he is temporarily one of them. He finds they are doing a petition to help the librarian. Cory decided to help becuase without him, they might as well have been on another planet. he comes up with an interesting scheme that gets people to sign their petition. When his whole mishap is over, he learns that there will always be a place for him with his new friends. This is a really funny episode of Boy Meets World.
  • Cory wants to straighten his hair, but it has disaterious consequences.

    Cory overhears a girl call someone " brillo head" and then they look at him and laugh. Cory thinks they are referring to him and enlists shawn to help him straighten his hair. In a one time only rare appearance Shawn's sister Stacy? gives them cream to use to straighten Cory's hair. though we never actually see Shawn's sister she is metioned numerous times, as well as shares a phone consvsation with shawn. Corys hair goes from bad to worse, and the next day it is shaped like a hat. Cory is forced to eat lunch at the weirdo table. All except the kid with the cape these were all normal kids that were just misunderstood. This also marks the first appearnce of topanga, cory's future wife. In the end cory realizes that its not what you look like but who you are inside that counts. he also shares his first kiss with topanga.
  • this episode was amazing

    the introduction of topanga, cory attempting to straighten his hair, then becoming a nerd - all in this one episode. cory feels insecure about his curly hair (the first time - later on in hair today goon tomorrow he feels insecure again) and he tries to straighten it using a method that shawn\'s sister stacy (never mentioned again after this) used. it made his hair really messed up and everybody at school thought he was a nerd. so he hung out with the nerd group (topanga minkus and some others) and worked with them to save mrs rosemead the school librarian. he was also doing a project with topanga. at the end of the episode topanga gives cory his first kiss. overall this episode is awesome
  • This is my favorite episode.

    I love how Cory doesn't like he looks. So many people are just like him. There are some really funny lines in this episode. I love it when Shawn is describing the school projest and he says exactly what it has nothing to do with. I thought it was so funny how Topanga kissed Cory while he was handcuffed to the locker and Cory didn't want to be kissed. It is really wierd to watch the episodes when Cory and Topanga are young and know that when they get older they get married on the show. I think it is funny how Topanga is really wierd.
  • Ahh, the first episode to feature Topanga, and the episode to show the love developing between Cory and Topanga.

    Cory gets a bad hairstyle, now objected by his friends, wow what great friends! So he now has to hang with the rejects. I preffered this "weird" Topanga, but she only lasted 1 season, and that's why Cory dislikes her. Anway this episode also has the legendary "lipstick dance" and the legendary line "Use a mirror babe!" by none other than Sean. I also loved this episode because of the dialouge and lesson that it shows. ANy fan should see the greatness of this episode.
  • Topanga, weird, loveable Topanga, pushes a kiss on Cory that makes him lose his breath... How adorable. This episode is what made me watch this show. From this episode, I knew that Topanga and Cory were gonna date later.. And they make such a cute couple.

    Topanga starts to show her feelings for Cory, and in the hall, she pins him to a locker and pushes a kiss on Cory, that makes him lose his breath. This is definantly the best episode of Boy Meets World I ever saw... Bravo! The exact reason I watch this show.
  • i thought i rocked i loved.......

    i loved that blonde boy nelman or bleakman or something like that i thought he was a funny kid buyt i loved how weird topanga was in the earlier eposodes and i loved her hair and her standing up for everyone thing this episide showed it all classic funny plus who wouldent think an episode with shawn rocked!!!!!!!!
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