Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 21

Cult Fiction

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 25, 1997 on ABC

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  • Great episode

    My favorite part was Alan standing up to that cult leader.
  • In this episode, Shawn is lost and has nothing to believe in. He falls into a cult that just end up confusing him more.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of all time. It's so wonderfully done and it shows how lost someone is when they don't have anything to believe in. Showing the importance of having God in your life is sometimes a difficult concept to get across without sounding preachy, but this episode does just that and does it in a very memorable way. It's well acted, well written, full of emotion and still manages to be funny. It's tough to pull off a serious topic like this and still have it be humorous, but they did it. Two thumbs way way up.
  • perfect

    What I liked: Mr. Mack kicking Eric out of the Centre because he was only in it for the hugs, Mr. Alan telling Mr. Mack off at the end, Shawn deciding to leave the Centre at the end of the episode, and Shawn talking to Turner in the hospital.

    This is a really good episode. It is kind of low on laughs, but that is OK because the plot was dramatic and was handled in a really well and convincing matter. The ending is one of the more emotional endings of the show and it was very believable. This episode is definitely one of my favorites of the series. A+ episode, no doubt.
  • I loved it!

    Shawn feels that he doesn't belong anywhere and he feels alone. A girl at school takes him to The Centre, a place where young people go who feel the same way that Shawn does. Mr. Mac, the founder, seems very nice. Cory realizes that it's a cult and tries to help Shawn. Shawn says that he doesn't want any. Mr. Feeny hears that Mr. Turner was in a motorcycle accident. Everyone goes to see him and Shawn quits the cult.

    This was a sad, but great episode! Shawn and Mr. Turner have been through a lot! I really liked this episode, so it gets a 10!
  • This is not the only classification to describe this episode.

    This is one of the best episodes of any show ever. Shawn gets caught with the wrong crowd. I describbed it as painful to watch because of the end with Mr. Turner in the hospital. With Shawn\'s sequiloily at the end it was such a tearjerker and very very very painful. I just hope Turner lives. This is just beautifully written. Above that this episode was superly, superly, superly well acted. The scene with Turner and Shawn at the end will touch your heart and if it doesn\'t then you don\'t have a heart. That is all I have to say about this episode.
  • This is the episode whre shawn goes to a cult and joins because he is feeling empty inside.

    This is a very touching episode. It is one of the best. Shawn has some very hard choices to make and there are a lot of sad moents, like the part in the hospital.I like how they pulled it all to gether, but i dont like how they never mentioned Mr. Turner again, and only once in a goof episode in the fifth season.They should of told is in the next episode what was the diagnosis of mr. turner, other than thatthis is a very good and touching episode. there are ups and downs to the episode but mostly ups, i also like how cory went all out on shawn.
  • i love this episode it seems that shawn can never find his "place" when really it was with cory && his family all along.

    this episode made me cry. i saw it yesterday on abcfamily && i cried. i love it though it teaches a good lesson. i hate people like mr. mack && im glad cory's dad pushed him up against the wall. it would have been better if he had punched him, but ohh well. its also funny when eric's like "i want to go back" && mr. mack is like "no no no!!" haha but yeahh seriously this is a good episode. your never really lost or alone. theres always gonna be someone there for you && this episode proves it.
  • Amazing episode it has the laughter, the saddness and the joy of this show.

    This episode was amazing i remember some of it from when it was originally on the tv. It was sad when Jonathan Turner got into the motorcycle accident,But he didn't die so that's good, I kinda miss this episode seeing as family channel doesn't show it, So im really looking forward to the boy meets world 4th season dvd so i can see it again. I'd defitnely rate this episode 10/10
  • Man, I remember watching this episode with my family on TGIF. Wow, I felt so strange after this episode aired. It was absolutely beautiful. In this episode Shawn joins a Cult, and something happens that changes his life.

    Basically, Shawn Hunter feels misunderstood. He is getting bad grades, he lives in a trailer park and he really isn't very close with his own family and his family isn't very close (His mother runs away so his dad searches for her). So he meets a girl who takes him to place where people that don't really have families go and hang out. The so called "cult" is founded by Mr. Mack. Who I found out was the director of the show! Talk about funny! Anyways Mr. Mack is brainwashing Shawn to become a member of their cult. I don't mean that Shawn is a zombie or anything but he believes in Mr. Mack's system. Anyway Corey who is the main character of the show tries to get his best friend out of this place, but Shawn refuses. Mr. Turner who is Shawn's teacher and sort of father figure, tells Shawn to use his brain and get out of the cult but he refuses. Everyone from Corey's parents, to Mr. Feeny and of course Shawn's favorite teacher Mr. Turner tell Shawn to get out of the cult. Now the dramatic scene is priceless, Feeny goes to get the phone and tells everyone Turner had been in an motorcycle accident. So everyone goes to the hospital and Shawn brings Mr. Mack. In another great scene Alan throws Mr. Mack to a wall telling him that he won't let anybody hurt Shawn Hunter. Well anyways Shawn sees Mr. Turner near death and talks to God and asks God to help heal Mr. Turner. Well miracously, Turner still unconscious on the hospital bed starts to move his battered hand. Well this was a great ep, but every BMW fan knows that this is Turner's last episode. The show even made a pun of this, during the graduation episode. Where Minkus returns. Great Ep!
  • The Power of Acting

    Many episodes are just crazy or funny, but Cult Fiction is one of the few episodes of the show that really shows the acting skills of the cast. This episode features Rider Strong giving one of those performances.
    In this episode, Shawn joins a cult when he feels that no one understands him. He then becomes defensive of the cult by claiming that is isn’t a cult. Mr. Mack, the leader and owner, becomes the basis of everything that comes out of Shawn’s mouth. It takes a tragic motorcycle accident of Jonathan for Shawn to see the cult for what it is, and realize Mr. Mack is a manipulator.
  • God... I don't wanna be empty inside anymore.

    One of my favorite Boy Meets World Episodes... the speech by Shawn at the end made me cry :)

    I loved this episode. Shawn enters a cult, but denies the fact that its a cult and defends it whenever someone asks by screaming 'not a cult!!' The cult owner is searching for lost souls to pawn...
    And Shawn gets pawned like a game of chess.

    Then poor Mr. Turner, in the tragic accidente, turning lost Shawn into the confused, god-trusting boy who now knows that he's not empty, turning him to give up the cult.