Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 16

Danger Boy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Eric's girlfriend tells him that her cousin is coming to town for the weekend, he realizes that the only way he'll get to spend time with her is if they double date. He opts for Cory but when she sees Cory barge in and spurt water, she nixes him in favor of Shawn, who made an appearance and complimented her.
Eric proposes the date to Shawn. Shawn accepts when Eric tells him that Cory already declined the date.
When Cory finds out, he questions Eric as to why he wasn't asked first. Eric tells him it's because the girls didn't see him as an exciting, dangerous kind of guy.
Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny is upset because all the other teachers immediately assumed he'd be faculty adviser for the chess club, based on his manner of dress and speech.
Cory and Feeny decide that they will have to do something to prove themselves, so they go on a dangerous new roller coaster that you have to sign a waiver to ride. Eric and Mr. Turner show up and try to convince them not to go on the ride but it's too late. They ride the coaster and return with their faces frozen in a horrible rictus of fear. Eric and Mr. Turner are proud of the two and vow that their opinions have changed. As revenge, Cory and Feeny trick the two into riding the roller coaster themselves.
Meanwhile, Amy and Alan get mad at each other for wasting money: Amy with an expensive haircut that looks just like her old one and Alan by losing it in a poker game.