Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 16

Danger Boy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 1995 on ABC

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  • I am dangerous!

    Eric asks Shawn to double-date with him, his girlfriend, and her younger cousin. He doesn't bother asking Cory when his girlfriend said that he was too immature. Cory gets his feelings hurt and he thinks that he is safe. Mr. Feeny feels the same way when members of the faculty just assume that he wants to be leader of the chess club. Cory and Mr. Feeny decide to prove that they can be very dangerous by riding "The Last Ride," a rollercoaster that is so big, scary and dangerous that you need to sign forms to ride it. Alan complains when Amy gets a $130 haircut but then must apologize after losing $300 from a poker game.

    This was a great episode! The rollercoaster looked like so much fun! I could tell they used bits of "Viper" and "Ninja" from Six Flags Magic Mountain. I'm pretty sure those were the rides they used. Cory and Mr. Feeny are very safe though, so that was big for them! I felt sorry for Alan, but what a hypocrite he was! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • eric asks shawn to go with him and his girlfriend on a double date instead of cory

    cory feels cheated when eric asks shawn to accompany him and his girlfriend on a double date. cory doing "the fountain" with his drink kind of wrecked his impression with erics girlfriend. she thinks cory is too immature and not dangerous. cory and mr feeny both feel humdrum, so they ride a new and dangerous roller coaster at the amusement park and eric promises cory he will go along next time
  • Cory finds out that he is \"As dangerous as lime Jell-O\" when Erics girlfriend rather Shawn be her younger cousins date than Cory. He tries to prove himself \"dangerous\" by going on the \"most dangerous\" roller coaster in Philidelphia, with Mr. Feeny.

    This was always one of my favorite episodes. I feel that the episode really developed the character of Cory, as the nice sensative guy... even if he doesn\'t want to be. This is one of the first episode that shows how easy it was for Shawn to get a date than Cory...and maybe hints that Topanga is truely the one for him. The episode also show the bond between Mr. Feeny and Cory, those of you who are strong watchers of \"Boy Meets World\" now that Cory and Mr. Feeny didn\'t get along that well, until around the second season, I believe this is the episode in which they start to bond. As well, as this being one of the most hilarious episodes of the season, I enjoyed the guest stars as well. I, being a big fan of \"American Beauty\" was suprised to learn that Mena Suvari played Laura. I hope you enjoy this episode, I know it\'s one of my favorites!
  • See just how predictable Cory and Feeny are.

    I must say, that "Danger Boy" from "Boy Meets World" is by far my favorite episode of the show.

    In the episode, Cory and Mr. Feeny want to prove to Eric, Shawn and Mr. Turner that they aren't predcitable and think that riding the most dangerous roller coaster in a Philadelphia theme park to prove how dangerous they are.

    I love how when Cory and Feeny write their respective letters to Eric and Mr. Turner to have them go to the park to have those two talk them out of riding the roller coaster. However, when Eric and Turner get there, they're a tad bit late to stop them from riding the ride, and the roller coaster car takes off not too long after they get there, meaning Cory and Feeny went for the ride of their lives. However, what I love the most about that scene, was when the roller coaster car came back, and during the course of the ride, they trick Eric and Mr. Turner into going on the ride as payback.

    In all, this was one great episode that had me laughing for the entire half hour.
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