Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 8

Dangerous Secret

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory thinks Shawn is sick, so he goes over for a visit. When Claire, a girl from school, appears wearing Shawn's bathrobe, Cory gets uncomfortable and starts to leave. Claire asks Cory not to tell anyone that she was there. Shawn tells her that she can trust Cory.
Later on at Chubbie's, Cory wants details about Shawn's visitor. Shawn tells him that he should forget about it, but Cory can't. He's surprised at Shawn, and worried about falling behind, sex-wise.
That night, Topanga goes over to Cory's house for a date. She suggests a movie but Cory says she should come upstairs to check out his new CD changer. In the bedroom Topanga finds candles, soft music, a bowl of grapes and a book of poems. They begin to kiss, but when Cory slides his hand up her shirt, she stops him. "What did you think was going to happen tonight," she asks nervously. Cory brings up the fact that Claire slept at Shawn's house. She realizes what's going on and get's up to leave. She doesn't want to have sex so Cory can keep up with Shawn.
At school, Topanga gives Cory the cold shoulder. Cory blames it on Shawn, who yells at him for telling Topanga about Claire.
Later that night, Cory wakes up to Shawn entering his room through the window. He asks if Claire can spend the night at Cory's house; then, swearing him to secrecy, tells him that the reason Claire has been staying with him is because her father is abusive. Cory says that he'll call Shawn when his parents are asleep.
When Claire arrives, she talks to Cory about her Aunts house in Vermont, while Cory prepares a place for her on the couch. When he goes to get her something to drink, she falls asleep.
The next day, Shawn wants to know if he can bring Claire over to Cory's house again. Cory wants to go to the police but Claire says that she'll lie. She doesn't want to get her dad in trouble. Cory disagrees with her, but says he'll leave his door unlocked. The next night, Cory brings Claire to Shawn's place. She's bruised and battered and Shawn realizes that something needs to be done.
They go home to find Cory's parents awake and confess what has been going on. They tell them that they put Claire on a bus to Vermont to live with her Aunt. Alan, knowing that her father could still bring Claire back, convinces them to call the police as well.
The last scene shows Cory and Topanga looking through photos that Claire has sent from Vermont. Cory tells Topanga that he doesn't want to grow up too fast.
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