Boy Meets World

ABC (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Cory's brother, Eric, ditches him for a girl and his parents seem happy about it. This causes Cory to have negative feelings about love. Can Mr. Feeny set him straight?
    • On the Fence
      Episode 2
      Cory needs some fire power for the Water War. When his parents won't buy him a fifty dollar water gun, he goes to work for Mr. Feeny; where he learns the value of hard work and the value of being a kid.
    • 10/8/93
      While Alan and Cory stay up late to watch a baseball game, Cory fails a test the next day at school, and Mr. Feeny refuses to let him make it up.
    • 10/15/93
      Cory is partnered with Topanga for a class project. He scoffs at the idea because Topanga and her friends are weird and they get laughed at by other kids. However, when an attempt to straighten his hair goes terribly wrong, he begins to empathize with the people he once ridiculed.
    • Killer Bees
      Episode 5
      Cory is determined to be in the geography bee when he finds out that the winner gets to be bat-boy at the opening game of the world series. But, when he and Minkus trade places in the academic world, they end up trading places in the social world, too.
      Meanwhile, Eric is embarrassed when his parents show up at the same concert as he and a date.moreless
    • Boys II Mensa
      Episode 6
      Cory cheats on an IQ test in an effort to get Mr. Feeny off his back; but he gets in over his head when Mr. Feeny wants to enlist him in a school for genius students.
    • 11/12/93
      Cory's grandmother drops by and promises to take him to get his new baseball card signed. He's disappointed, however, when she fails to show up.
      Meanwhile, Eric tries to impress Mr. Feeny's niece.
    • Teacher's Bet
      Episode 8
      When Cory insists that teaching is easy in comparison to learning, Mr. Feeny agrees to temporarily switch roles on a bet, allowing Cory to handle social studies for one week.
    • Class Pre-Union
      Episode 9
      When Cory gets an "Incomplete" on a project about his future, he thinks his life is incomplete too.
    • 12/10/93
      When Shawn's father loses his job, Cory thinks he's doing a good deed by giving Shawn one of his own presents. This only angers Shawn, which causes Cory to wonder why he bothered to help in the first place. Meanwhile, Morgan thinks she caused a mall Santa's heart attack.
    • 12/17/93
      When Alan realizes Cory and Eric don't want to join him in the father-son softball game, he tells them the game was cancelled. They feel guilty, however, when they find out the truth. Meanwhile the class debates the necessity of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
    • 1/7/94
      Cory and Eric discover that Amy has been lying to them. Instead of going bowling, she's been sneaking off to La Bugia. Fearing that she's cheating on their father they follow her to to find out the truth.
      Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny gives the class an impossible math problem.
    • 1/14/94
      Topanga becomes infatuated with Eric when he visits Mr. Feeny's class, to tell them about high school.
    • The B-Team of Life
      Episode 14

      Cory is excluded from the school basketball team's first strings roster and begins to doubt his importance in other aspects of his life.

    • Model Family
      Episode 15
      Eric is offered a modeling job that isn't what he expected. Cory learns about family dynamics.
    • Risky Business
      Episode 16
      Cory and Shawn bet on a horse race and score big time. Risk taking is exciting and rewarding! But when he leaves his sister home alone, he learns the inherent trouble of focusing on the reward and losing sight of the risk.
    • The Fugitive
      Episode 17
      Shawn crosses the line when he blows up a mailbox with a cherry bomb. He hides in Cory's room; but how long can Cory keep the secret?
    • 3/11/94
      Cory and Shawn are busted with 'R' rated movie; and Eric gets the car towed after failing his drivers test. Can anything good come from this night?
    • Kid Gloves
      Episode 19
      Cory knows the "necklace" Alan gave him for his birthday is important, he just doesn't know why. After he loses the gift at SCUBA club, he learns its true value.
    • 4/29/94
      Cory quits the school play after learning he has to wear tights. Minkus replaces him but is a poor substitute. Meanwhile, Alan finds the courage to approach his boss about pay cuts.
    • Boy Meets Girl
      Episode 21
      Shawn has a date with a cute classmate. Cory doesn't understand the appeal but asks Topanga out anyway, in an attempt to keep up with his buddy
    • I Dream of Feeny
      Episode 22
      Cory's nervous about a test and wishes Mr. Feeny would get sick for just one day. His conscience gets the better of him, however, when Mr. Feeny ends up in the hospital.
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