Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 19

Eric Hollywood

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 20, 1998 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Eric's Shakespearean acting debut is a rousing success; but when he's recruited by ABC, he soon finds out that Hollywood can be a tough town.
Meanwhile, Shawn and Jack have chicken pox. Topanga plays nurse, but Shawn doesn't want her around.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • for some reason this episode never really 'clicked' for me

    what i liked- "Prepare to die, Jedi Master," "You know, there's a name for people like you." "What?" "Mrs. Eric Matthews", "I don't wanna die!", all of the inside jokes in the second half, the ending, the tag at the end.

    I laughed a decent amount in this episode but for some reason I never liked this episode all that much. It is a reasonably funny episode but the plot is kinda boring I think. So I'd say a C- or so. One of the weakest episodes of the show, I think, while still being somewhat funny.moreless
  • Eric gets a shot at acting; Shawn feels he can't be friends with Topanga now that she and Cory are not longer together.

    After filling the shoes of an injured actor whose injury was because of him in the first place, Eric finds himself to be a talented actor. After doing some Shakesphere plays at Pennbrook and a few good reviews in the papers, Eric get's a proposal from an ABC executive to have a supporting role on a show called "Kid Gets Aquainted With the Universe" (an obvious self-parody of thes show), and then he and Feeny set off to Hollywood, where we go to set and find it's exactly the same as the Matthews home, with Ben Savage and Rider Strong playing "Ben Sandwich" and "Schnieder Strong". Ben is asshat and Schneider is adorable, then Danielle Fishel, whose "Kid Get's Aquainted" name is not said, comes out as the obvious, out-going girl. Eric of course, does not notice any of this. "Schneider and me are wounded birds!", "Make it stop! Make it stop!", and Schneider's fleeing from the set completely made this episode. I've always appreciated how this series can make fun of its flaws, one of which being the classroom thing, it's always bothered me how the classroom only had 9-12 desks, and hearing Feeny criticize that was awesome, even he doesn't notice the exact similarities.

    Meanwhile, Topanga takes care of Jack and Shawn while they have the chicken pox, and after Shawn acting distant from Topanga while she is around, fever-stricken Jack slips out that Shawn doesn't her around anymore because he doesn't think they can be friends. While I think this is realistic, it's kind of late in the game. This is the last episode before Cory and Topanga get back together, what ever, they talk it over and become friends again. Just remember next season we'll get to see basically the same thing happen between Cory and Angela!

    This is one of the best episodes of Boy Meets World, ever.moreless
  • Totally funny!

    Eric gets a part as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet! He is so good that a TV producer offers him a role in the show, Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe. It seems that all the actors completely change when they are acting. One actor, Ben Sandwich, is very mean, but changes when he is acting. Eric doesn't make it very far. Topanga takes care of Shawn and Jack when they are sick and Shawn shows his true feelings about being friends with Topanga.

    I loved this episode! There were so many jokes about the actors and stuff! I loved the end! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • After Eric gives a surprisingly strong performance in a Shakespeare play, he lands a role on the show "Kid Gets Acquainted with the Universe." But Hollywood isn't all it's cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Topanga takes care of a sick Shawn and Jack.moreless

    "Boy Meets World" was never a great show and at times, I find it almost painful to watch.

    That being said, this is one of my favorite episodes. I really appreciate a show that can make fun of itself and of Hollywood in general. In terms of the plot, it was great to see that Topanga and Shawn are able to have a friendship outside of Cory. Rider Strong was one of the stronger actors on the show, but in earlier episodes, he wasn't really utilized. Here, we see that he can have his own storylines independent of Cory which is refreshing. Overall, this is a great episode because it shows that the show didn't take itself too seriously.moreless
  • An obvious parody of Hollywood coupled with Topanga taking care of a pair of ill brothers does well.

    This episode is one of my favorite BMW episodes. Eric acts in a Shakespearean play and thanks to some reviews he thinks he has what it takes to make it big in Hollywood. I love how they parody BMW by having Eric join the cast of "Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe" with actors such as Ben Sandwich, whose brother is Bread Sandwich, and Snyder Strong. They tie it together at the end of the episode by having the same tube sock incident that was in the scene Eric was supposed to act in on KGAWU.

    This episode parodies Hollywood in many ways; Shakespearean actors turning sitcom stars, older actors playing younger characters, sweet & innocent characters played by egotistical maniacs. It is very obvious, but it is still cute and funny.

    The side story where Shawn and Jack get the chicken pox is important in showing how much Topanga is willing to salvage/create a relationship with Shawn, her estranged boyfriend's best friend.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Eric confuses the words "niece" and "niche". This is a running gag that will continue in season 7.

    • At the end of the episode, Shawn says "Cory, Eric, guess what? I blew up another mailbox." By saying this, he is referring to season 1 episode 17, "The Fugitive," in which Shawn blows up the mailbox outside Alan's grocery store with a cherry bomb.

    • Although Ben Savage plays "Rory" in the parody sitcom, "Kid Get's Acquainted With Universe", Cory only has a few lines in this episode.

    • The show "Kid Gets Aquainted with the Universe" is an obvious self-parody of the series. The living room set is the same as the Matthews house. The actors' names are parodies of the Boy Meets World actors' names. Rider Strong is Schnyder Strong, and Ben Savage is Ben Sandwich.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Eric: OK, in retrospect it might have been foolish of me to consider paste the nail's silent cousin; but you live, you learn.

    • Eric (trying out for the show): Ouchie-migouchie, little bro! If I can't find my lucky tube socks, I shall never pass the astronaut test!

    • Mr. Feeny: You call this a classroom? There are only 9 desks! Are we supposed to believe there are only 9 students in the whole class?
      Matt: Well, actually camera angles will make it appear to be more.
      Mr. Feeny: That's diabolical.

    • Alan: The real tragedy tonight is that William Shakespeare couldn't be here to see how good you are!
      Eric: Oh, he'll come tomorrow. I mean, we're here all week.
      Alan: Unbelievable.

    • Topanga (to Shawn): I care about being your friend. (Jack enters the room) Jack! What happened to your face?!
      Jack: Apparently she doesn't care about being my friend.

    • Eric: Prepare to die, Jedi master!

    • Shawn: You know he used to tell me how wonderful you were, but guys always say great things about their girlfriends until they break up. That's when the truth comes out. You know I've waited 15 years to find out what he really thinks about you. Do you wanna know what he thinks about you now that you're broken up?
      Topanga: Shawn, I don't want to talk about that. You know I just came here to tell you, that you are an unappreciative little jerk, and if you're so uncomfortable around me, that we can't be friends now that I'm not seeing Cory, then maybe we were never friend as at all. And I want you to tell me that to my face.
      Shawn: Now that you've broken up. He still tells me how wonderful you are. He's completely broken hearted over what he's lost.
      Topanga: So am I.
      Shawn: Cory's my best friend, but I wanna tell you to your face, that if I knew that you and I weren't friends anymore, it'd break my heart too.

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