Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 19

Eric Hollywood

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 20, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eric builds a set for a production of Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately, his consideration of paste, "the nails silent cousin", turns out to be the wrong move. The balcony falls apart, crushing Romeo. Eric volunteers to play the part, because, as a by-product of building the sets, he's memorized the entire play. His impromtu audition impresses the director.
Surprisingly, Eric has a talent for acting in Shakespearean plays. His performances recieve rave reviews, and he is recruited by representatives of Julliard, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and ABC. "Me?! In the TV?!" Eric is thrilled about the chance to go to Hollywood.
Mr. Feeny goes with him, and the two golf-cart their way to the set of "Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe". He's there to try out for the role of the long-lost brother. Eric gets to know the other actors (playing extremely funny take-offs of themselves), while Mr. Feeny checks out the room sets.
When try-out time comes, Eric performs his role Shakespeareanly. The director tells him to relax and be himself, but he goes off script and chews out "Ben Sandwich" for the hypocrisy of playing the nice guy on tv, whilst being a mean person in real life. The director calls cut, and Eric is fired
Mr. Feeny comforts Eric outside the studio. Acting is hard work, and rejection is inherent. Eric realizes what comes easily, goes easily, and decides to go home.
Meanwhile, Jack and Shawn are stricken with chicken pox. Topanga warns them about the potential severity of the disease and stays over to tend to them. Jack appreciates her kindness, but Shawn isn't excited, and doesn't want her around.
After Jack recovers, and Shawn starts feeling a little better, Topanga comes over with soup. Shawn tells her he was mad because she's the cause of Cory's pain. He apologizes, saying "if you and I weren't friends anymore, it'd break my heart too."