Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 7

Everybody Loves Stuart

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Angela like their philosophy instructor, Stuart. He's young, fun and he treats them like adults. After class, the gang hangs out at the student union where Stuart plays pool with them. After losing, and thus owing Angela a coffee, he offers to buy everyone a beverage and asks Topanga to give him a hand. At the coffee counter, he and Topanga talk about life on campus, and Topanga makes a joke about her dormitory.
Later on, Topanga and Angela are in their dorm getting ready to go out. Before they leave, however, Stuart appears, saying that he was in the neighborhood, and he thought he'd stop by to talk about Topanga's paper. He only has Topanga's paper but he offers to talk with Angela about what he remembers; but Topanga tells her to go on ahead---she'll catch up.
When they are alone, Stuart briefly discusses her paper, but then starts to hint that he likes Topanga. He gets more and more bold, until Topanga says that he's making her uncomfortable, "I want you to leave." "That's not what you want," says Stuart. Topanga is confused and nervous.
Just then, Cory appears and Stuart glides smoothly into conversational banter with him, then quickly takes off. Cory smiles "You gotta love that...Feeny wouldn't be caught dead in a dorm room." Topanga is visibly upset, "I didn't like him being here. I didn't like it at all."
Later, Cory finds Stuart in the student union, and asks to talk to him on the patio. Cory explains that Topanga was uncomfortable with his visit, she thought he was hitting on her. Stuart admits that he was.
Inside, the rest of the gang is chatting it up when Cory pushes Stuart violently through the patio doors. After picking himself up, Stuart looks at Cory; "Congratulations, you just got yourself kicked out of college."
Later, Mr. Feeny informs Cory, and his parents of a scheduled hearing, and the possibility that Cory may be expelled.
In the hearing, Stuart defends himself well. He even recalls Shawn's earlier assertion that he was the best teacher Shawn ever had. As Mr. Feeny is in the room, Shawn winces in shame. In the end, the dean has to punish Cory for striking faculty. She suspends him for one day. Stuart pipes up that it's not fair, but the dean shuts him down says she's got her eye on him.
As everyone leaves, Shawn apologizes for comparing Mr. Feeny to Stuart. Mr. Feeny pays it no attention, and tells them that he's tried too hard to protect them--he needs to start treating them like adults. The kids are left pondering their own adulthood.