Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 7

Everybody Loves Stuart

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1998 on ABC

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  • everybody loves stuart

    A very dramatic episode of Boy Meets World comparing to the rather silly last episode. An intense intriguing episode that entails an uncomfortable situation, a fight, and a heated trial.

    Fred Savage is a great actor and the fact that he gues starred on this show since he's Ben Savage's brother was one of the best choices he's ever made. Fred Savage was great in this, and his acting chops are really well displayed here. Stuart, played by Fred Savage, is a teacher that everyone loves, he makes a move on Topanga which makes her very uncomfortable.

    Once Cory finds out about this, he punches him in the face through a door. He later gets threatened to get kicked out of school. Everything is decided in a trial where everyone attends. This was very intriguing, I was on the edge of my seat when Dean Rivers was going to decide whether or not Cory would stay in school.

    A great dramatic episode, wouldn't be the first time, Boy Meets World brings another great installment.
  • Good

    Dang, when this episode was over I just wanted to punch Stuart. He was so annoying, when he asked Topanga a question in the court thing and she responded... I know that was his point, to try and twist it all to make it her fault, but still. I liked the humor in this episode, such as the People's Court music, Cory's line about "Shawn approves of what I did", and the last line about getting ice cream (after the whole they're no longer kids thing Feeny said). Overall, a great episode, funny, good plot, overall it gets an A+
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    I love how this episode has Cory's [Ben Savage] real-life brother Stuart [Fred Savage]. Fred Savage has been on another one of my favorite shows, The Wonder Years, although a slightly older series. I've also noticed that he's directed a lot of the episodes of Boy Meets World. In this episode, I love how you can really see how the students connected with the teacher, such as the students calling him by his first name. Also, how he calls Cory "Romeo" and Topanga "Juliet." It portrays how a person in that situation could easily cross lines with students. My favorite part had to be when Mr. Feeny asked if he could rip off Stuart's head and throw it down the hallway. I love it. :]
  • Another wonderful episode!

    Stuart, a college professor who is favored by students, comes on to Topanga. Cory is angry and hits him. A hearing is called to order. Cory gets grace by only getting suspended for a day, but Stuart thinks that that is unfair. Stuart tries everything to prove himself innocent. I loved this episode! It was great seeing Ben and Fred work together! Too bad that Fred had a negative role. I hated Stuart! He was a total jerk by saying that Topanga came on to him and for hitting on her in the first place, especially in her dorm room! I did enjoy this episode and it gets a 10!
  • By far the best episode of Boy Meets World!

    As a former Wonder Years fan, this is my favorit BMY episode. Fred Savage is the best actor BMY has ever had. Although it is clear that Fred Savage and Ben Savage are related, the acting by Ben and Fred was, in my view is one of there best.

    Note: Boy Meets World, for me is an average of maybe 7.5. However this episode is amun the only ones that I personly give a 9.0.

    Thank you for reading my review of "Everybody Loves Stuart" (BMY)
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