Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 7

Everybody Loves Stuart

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1998 on ABC

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  • everybody loves stuart

    A very dramatic episode of Boy Meets World comparing to the rather silly last episode. An intense intriguing episode that entails an uncomfortable situation, a fight, and a heated trial.

    Fred Savage is a great actor and the fact that he gues starred on this show since he's Ben Savage's brother was one of the best choices he's ever made. Fred Savage was great in this, and his acting chops are really well displayed here. Stuart, played by Fred Savage, is a teacher that everyone loves, he makes a move on Topanga which makes her very uncomfortable.

    Once Cory finds out about this, he punches him in the face through a door. He later gets threatened to get kicked out of school. Everything is decided in a trial where everyone attends. This was very intriguing, I was on the edge of my seat when Dean Rivers was going to decide whether or not Cory would stay in school.

    A great dramatic episode, wouldn't be the first time, Boy Meets World brings another great installment.