Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 12

Family Trees

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 17, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Shawn struggles to accept the fact that he has no idea who his parents are. Meanwhile, Eric puts together a surprise party for his dad, who has an even bigger surprise for the despondent Shawn.

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  • Perfect!

    Shawsn gets a letter from Virna, and he learns she isn't his mother. He tries to track down his mother but he is unable to, making him confused and making him feel lost. Alan and Amy have news: if Shawn wanted they could adopt him.

    This is literally a perfect episode. The first half had some good humor, and the second half came pretty close to making me cry, which I rarely if ever do at TV shows. It was just so touching, to me, one of the best episodes of the season, it gets an A+ from me, definitely.moreless
  • Shawn receives a letter from Virna, telling him she's not his "real" mother. Making Shawn to feel that he has no roots. This leads the Matthews to offer to adopt him.moreless

    I cry every time I see this ep. Shawn is lost, and adrift, but there's the Matthews family, ready to reel him in, as always. Corey Matthews, to the rescue, ever the faithful best friend. When Alan makes the offer to adopt Shawn, it was one of the most moving moments of the entire series. The "lecture" is another great moment.

    Shawn was always, from the beginning, a member of the Matthews family. In this episode, they offer to make it official. Rider Strong's acting in this episode is fantastic. I *STILL* feel that he should have gotten an award for it.

    One of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • Shawn is as lost and confused as ever!!

    Shawn just found out the mother that he knew (Virna) wasn't his birth mother. When he sends out a search for his possible mother,it didn't have any answers for him. He shows up later at Alan's birthday party drunk and the Matthews offer to adopt him. Then he goes to his fathers grave and "talks" to him. In the end,Shawn refuses the Matthews offer to "keep the hunter dignity."

    Overall, this was one of the best episodes!! Eric was so funny with his party plans, especiall the poison! You can see really see how Shawn has grown during the seasons.moreless
  • I loved it!

    Shawn finds out that Virna was not his real mother. His birth mother doesn't want to be found. He gets drunk. Alan and Amy offer to adopt him. Cory and Shawn go to the cemetary and Shawn talks to Chet. It's Alan's birthday and Eric is in charge of planning it.

    This was a great episode! I can't believe that Virna wasn't his mother! I liked Eric in this episode! He was so funny! I wish Shawn hadn't been drinking, but it was good how Shawn wanted Alan to yell at him. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • shawn has no clue where he's coming from

    shawn finds out that he doesnt know who his real parents are. this is such a sad episode because when the matthews offer to adopt shawn, he storms out and angela says that he usually does that. that is SO sad. cory goes after him, and he and shawn get in a big fight. shawn goes to the cemetary (thats a sad scene) then finally goes back to alans birthday party and apologizes. its a sad episode, but SO worth watchingmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode takes place around Christmas time, and it's Alan's birthday. However, it was mentioned in "Honesty Night", that Alan's birthday is June 14.

    • In this episode Cory says that his dad was a cook in the Coast Guard, but in "Kid Gloves", Alan gives Cory a pair of silver gloves that he won in a boxing tournament, in the Navy. Alan also tells Shawn that he was a Navy SEAL.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Topanga: Cory?
      Cory: Yeah?
      : (regarding Shawn)What do you think he's gonna do?
      : Probably something that will devastate himself as well as everyone around him
      Angela: The usual.

    • Eric: Okay, listen up people. This is the plan as I see it. (unveils a large chart and proceeds to point to it with each step of the plan) We give Morgan, who will be our decoy, some kind of poison that'll make her ill. Dad will have to take her to the hospital, and when he's in the Emergency Room, that's when the party begins.
      Topanga: So, let me understand this. You're willing to poison your sister to surprise your father.
      Eric: The problem is if Morgan goes south. I mean if she actually, well, croaks. It's gonna put a damper on the entire party. Which is why we get horsie rides. (points to picture on chart) Notice me, I'm Eric, on the horsie, let's call him Pete. The two of us together having fun, joy, merriment.
      (Cory raises his hand)
      Eric: Cory.
      Cory: I want to be over there now.
      Topanga: Take me with you.
      Eric: Okay, if any of you need me, I'm gonna be at the poison store.

    • Amy: Oh, Eric. We used you as the decoy. We knew you'd be stupid so we used it against you.

    • Shawn (to Alan): Mr. Matthews, birthday coming up, 46?
      Alan (to Cory): Now this is a great kid.

  • NOTES (1)