Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 12

Family Trees

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 17, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode takes place around Christmas time, and it's Alan's birthday. However, it was mentioned in "Honesty Night", that Alan's birthday is June 14.

    • In this episode Cory says that his dad was a cook in the Coast Guard, but in "Kid Gloves", Alan gives Cory a pair of silver gloves that he won in a boxing tournament, in the Navy. Alan also tells Shawn that he was a Navy SEAL.

  • Quotes

    • Topanga: Cory?
      Cory: Yeah?
      : (regarding Shawn)What do you think he's gonna do?
      : Probably something that will devastate himself as well as everyone around him
      Angela: The usual.

    • Eric: Okay, listen up people. This is the plan as I see it. (unveils a large chart and proceeds to point to it with each step of the plan) We give Morgan, who will be our decoy, some kind of poison that'll make her ill. Dad will have to take her to the hospital, and when he's in the Emergency Room, that's when the party begins.
      Topanga: So, let me understand this. You're willing to poison your sister to surprise your father.
      Eric: The problem is if Morgan goes south. I mean if she actually, well, croaks. It's gonna put a damper on the entire party. Which is why we get horsie rides. (points to picture on chart) Notice me, I'm Eric, on the horsie, let's call him Pete. The two of us together having fun, joy, merriment.
      (Cory raises his hand)
      Eric: Cory.
      Cory: I want to be over there now.
      Topanga: Take me with you.
      Eric: Okay, if any of you need me, I'm gonna be at the poison store.

    • Amy: Oh, Eric. We used you as the decoy. We knew you'd be stupid so we used it against you.

    • Shawn (to Alan): Mr. Matthews, birthday coming up, 46?
      Alan (to Cory): Now this is a great kid.

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