Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 9

Fear Strikes Out

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1994 on ABC

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  • Great!

    Cory and Shawn go to a party. Cory is embarrassed when he can’t kiss Topanga. He vows to never date again. Everyone laughs at him. Then, at a poetry reading, Cory and Topanga kiss. Frankie likes poetry. Eric scares Cory about kissing girls, which gets him in trouble. Mr. Turner wants to go out with the new teacher. This was a good episode! I liked Harley, Frankie, and Joey at the poetry reading. The end was funny when everyone was at the poetry reading. Topanga didn't seem nervous at all though. I thought this episode was good and it gets a 9.0!
  • Cory and topanga are too nervous to kiss at a make-out party.

    If you follow Boy Meets World religously, like most fans do, this is an awesome episode. I love how Cory and topanga are too nervous to kiss each other, and how they both react to it. I liked Mr. turner's comment that if cory needs someone to talk to... i laughed out loud there. In the end Cory kisses topanga and they realize there is nothing to be scared of. Also anohter seed in the budding Cory/topanga romance is planted. This definatly wasn't the best episode this season, but for us loyal fans it was just one of those episode that make you smile and say "If they only knew..."
  • cory is going to a make out party and he is really nervous

    eric tells cory how scary it will be at the make out party cory will be attending. cory is really scared and tenses up when in the closet with topanga. topanga and cory just talk and everything works out. they do end up making out at a poetry reading while drinking coffee
  • This episode was about Cory going to a make-out party. But freezes up when he\'s in a closet with Topanga. To make himself feel better (and with Eric\'s persuasion), he goes on a date with her to a poetry reading. While they\'re there, they kiss.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes in the Boy Meets World series. It has a lot of funny jokes and it explains a lot about Cory and Topanga\'s relationship as BF & GF. Personally my favorite part was when Cory and Topanga kissed, and when they almost kissed in the closet. My favorite joke in this episode was when Cory, Eric, and, Shawn talk about Cory and Topanga. Cory makes up a poem. Cory: \"There once was a boy named, Cory...\", Eric: \"Who now has an interesting story...\" Cory: \"He learned about kissing...\", Eric: \"And all he was missing...\", Shawn: When he and Topanga made-out!\". This is an episode that I watched over and over, and hopefully everyone else will like the episode too.
  • There's a make-out party, and Cory's a nervous wreck.

    This was an important episode in the relationship between Cory and Topanga.

    The kissing game they play is called Seven Minutes in Heaven. A boy’s name and a girl’s name are picked randomly, and they go into a closet alone for seven minutes. It’s assumed that they make out while they are in there, but nobody could know for sure.

    After talking to Eric, Cory thinks of every bad thing that could happen while he's in the closet, from flatulence to his allergic reaction to wool. Shawn assures him that he’s with him all the way, however, Shawn “deserts” him when his name is called. Shawn comes out seven minutes later with a smile on his face and wearing a different shirt. Cory’s name is called next. He hopes in vain that they’ll call his name twice and he can go in the closet with himself, then Topanga’s name is chosen. They spend most of the seven minutes talking. They consider pretending that they kissed…Topanga could muss her hair and Cory could get a dopey look on his face, but then they decide they might as well go ahead and kiss. Just as they pucker up the door is opened…their seven minutes are up.

    Everyone seems to know what happened, but it’s not confirmed until Topanga defends Cory the next day at school. “Anybody could just kiss a girl…Cory’s a nice boy.” Cory sees her declaring that he is a “nice boy” as the end of his social life forever. He tells his parents that he was nervous after Eric told him how many things could go wrong. Alan and Amy catch on to the fact that Eric made Cory more nervous. They confront Eric, who admits to “playing with his head.” Amy and Alan tell Eric that since Cory won’t be going out on any dates, Eric will have to stay home too, and keep him company; in other words, no dates for Eric.

    Eric tells Cory he has to date again—a safe double date with Eric and a girl. Eric takes them to a small club where aspiring poets recite their work, assuring Cory that it’s a safe place—very unromantic. Topanga admits to Cory that she, too, was nervous in the closet, and they settle down to listen to poetry. When the next poem read turns very sensual in nature, Cory and Topanga end up kissing.

    Cory and Topanga’s conversations are very sweet and real. The characters must have been a little bit in love even then, though Cory later dates other girls before asking Topanga to go steady with him. Eric is portrayed as a typical older brother, teasing Cory, but really caring about him. This episode should be included in any Cory and Topanga collection.