Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 9

Fear Strikes Out

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1994 on ABC



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    • Frankie: I don't do it for the fame.
      Joey: Yeah, well; that's not what poetry's about, you know. Poetry's about complex human emotions. Like uh; you know, whatever.

    • (Frankie has finished reading his poem)
      Joey: Hey Frankie, that was really good. I mean you started slow; but you got 'em by the end.
      Harley: Alright, you got that out of your system? Let's go.

    • Eric (crying): I'm too cute to stay home.

    • Cory (to Harley): Why do you even care about nothings like us?
      Harley: 'Cause you seventh graders are my little ant farm. I watch you work and play and run through your tiny tunnels; and when I hear that one of my little ants is getting his legs ripped off, well I can't miss that.
      Cory: And here I thought my life had no meaning.

    • Cory: This was beyond humiliation; way beyond. This was...this was agoobwa!
      Alan: Agoobwa?
      Cory: It was so bad I had to invent a word for it!

    • Joey: That's a good one, Harley. That's a great one. I'm gonna be laughin' at that one for years and years. I'm gonna be tellin' my grandkids about it, like, 60 years from now. Unless I don't have grandkids, then I guess I'll have to tell some strange kids in a park, and the cops will come and say "Hey you in the rain coat!"...
      Harley: Shut up!
      Joey: Okay.

    • Eric: Cor deep down does the thought of kissing somebody make you tense up?
      Cory: Absolutely not.
      Eric: OK then.
      Cory: Alright, I wouldn't say tense up. I would say I become very alert.
      Eric: OK. So you'll be there at the make-out party, very alert, your intestines full of beenie-weenie; you lean in for a kiss...and you fly across the room!

    • Corey: Harley, you go to poetry readings?
      Harley: What? You don't think I'm a sensitive guy? I should slap you around for that.

    • Cory: You know, I'm thinking of becoming a poet. There once was a boy named Cory...
      Eric: Who now has an interesting story...
      Cory: He learned about kissing...
      Eric: And all he was missing...
      Shawn: When he and Topanga made out!
      Cory: Shawn, can you say 'summer school'?

    • Mr Feeny: Mr. Turner, I frown upon faculty becoming involved with faculty.
      Mr. Turner: So it's not a policy, it's just a facial expression?

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  • Allusions

    • Title: Fear Strikes Out

      The title refers the the 1957 movie by the same name. The main character is a baseball player who becomes paralyzed by fear.

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