Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 15

First Girlfriends Club

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 13, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga still has the letter that Lauren wrote to Cory. She doesn't want to open, so Angela grabs it from her and opens it herself. After reading it, Topanga approaches Cory. The letter mentioned the kiss, which Cory neglected to tell her about. She doesn't trust him anymore and doesn't know how they're going to work things out this time.
Valentine's Day is approaching and three of Shawn's ex-girlfriends are bitter towards men, especially Shawn. They try to tell Angela that he's incapable of commitment and that he only says what girls want to hear. Angela brushes them off, saying she trusts Shawn. Thinking she's naive, the girls set out to "save" her from the heartbreak Shawn is sure to cause.
They trick Shawn into thinking he's meeting Angela at the boat house, where they ambush him and tie him up.
They put him "on trial", naming all the things he said or did that hurt them. He tries to tell them that he did care about them at the time, but this time he really loves Angela. They aren't concerned.
Meanwhile, Angela goes to get Shawn for their planned date, only she can't find him. Eric and Jack go to the boathouse, while Angela goes to Cory to ask about Shawn. While she's complaining about being stood up, Eric and Jack call Cory to tell him Shawns location.
Angela goes to the boathouse. She's angry with the girls, but not mad at Shawn. Cory shows up too and says that love requires forgiveness, just as Topanga arrives. She likes what he says, but she's really dissapointed. Cory wants to start over, but Topanga wishes the whole thing never happened. She doesn't want to have to start over.
Cory goes to Chubbie's thinking Topanga will meet him there, but she never shows. Shawn and Angela arrive to comfort him.
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