Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 15

First Girlfriends Club

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 13, 1998 on ABC

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  • Its valentines day and 3 of Shawn's former girlfriends try to protect Angela by making sure Shawn doesn't hurt her like he hurt them. How do they do it? They handcuff to posts in a boathouse.

    Oh man, the storyline with Shawn was side splitting funny. The Cory and Topanga one was...well, I guess they had to insert it to make the rest of the episodes work.

    And Eric...well, we can always count on him for a good joke now can't we. My favorite was:

    Jack: "Wait a minute, he's handcuffed"
    Eric: "That little devil!"

    And at the end...when they all walk out of the boathouse and Eric walks back to get a set of handcuffs, just classic.

    I remember those girls too, Jennifer was part of a really funny episode back in like season 4 and Dana was part of a few episodes back in like season 3. I think I vaguely remember Libby, but I'm not sure when she made her first appearance.