Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 4

Fishing for Virna

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 11, 1996 on ABC

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  • perfect

    shawn and chet learn virna is close to them and is spying on them. she refuses to come back to them until she knows chet wants to be a family. cory has to cope with the unexpected death of the lunchroom lady, Brenda.

    i loved this episode a lot. it was funny and often times, sad, like when it is announced brenda dies (even though we like just met her in this episode i think, still sad). overall a pretty good episode from the series' 4th season, this episode gets a A+ from me, an all around perfect episode methinks
  • Great!

    Shawn sees his mother, Virna! Shawn and Chet want her to come home. The lunch lady dies and Cory and Topanga are shocked. No one really appreciated what she did, serving them food. Amy makes breakfast for everyone, but they all run out the door. She feels unappreciated. Cory eats with her the third time. Virna comes home and the Hunters are happy! Frankie asks if Chet and Shawn could babysit his little brother.

    I felt really bad for Amy when everyone just ignored her breakfast. It was touching seeing Cory sit down and thanking her breakfast. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • virna returns and cory tries to re-unite the hunter family

    when virna returns to town and is spying on shawn and chet from across the turnpike, cory tries to re-unite them, but virna thinks she has failed as a mother, and the torn apart family is hesitant. this is a very important milestone for the hunters. it is also an emotional episode, because of virna etc. and brenda, the school lunchlady, passing away and the funeral home scene and everything. but overall, it still has some humor (not as much as some other eps) and its good.
  • A very pivotal episode for the hunter family

    I like this episode a lot because it offers an in depth view into the relationship of both shawn and his father and shawn and his mother. Of course Shawn wouldn\'t be without his faithful friend Cory, always there to lend a helping hand. I also like the role frankie and his little brother(I forget his name, let\'s call him mini frankie)play in this episode, with the funny side bar story about stealing shampoo. You start to see Shawn struggling to connect with his father, and to help re-unite his parents. This further the struggle shawn has with his father and his upbringing, which continues to play it self out throughout the entire show. Plus Shawn is my favorite character 9except feeny, shh don\'t tell anyone).
  • Important, serious episode

    This episode is special because, for the first time ever, we get to see Shawn's mother, Virna. Virna had been mentioned many times before, and she was an important part of many plotlines; but up to this point, she had never been seen.

    This episode has never been my favorite because it isn't particularly funny. The other plotline of the episode is that the sweet, old cafeteria lady at Cory's school dies.

    This episode is more serious than average, but it is done very well. The last scene, in particular, is actually quite touching. Ben Savage gives one of his best performances in this episode.
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