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What Happened to Mr. Turner?

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    [1]May 5, 2007
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    What happened to him? I feel like i used to know this. So Cory and Shawn met him in the 1st year of their 63278146 years in high school, and that season he was a cool guy, a motorcycle dude who attempts to explain to them the significance of classic works of literature such as Black Like Me, The Scarlett Letter, and the Grapes of Wrath in their everyday life. Soon he gets more involved with the kids, particularly Shawn, whom he identifies with, and he eventually became the guardian (?) of Shawn. So Shawn lives with him and Mr. Turner's friend, the black reporter who's now the school's Media teacher, in this bachelor pad (Shawn also has a big named Little Cory that disappears and then comes back in his college years). Shawn's dad, Chet, is running around looking for his wife, Edna, and completely ditches Shawn, who gets sick of it real fast. One day everyone meets at Cory's house, because Shawn went out looking for Chet (?). Chet gets on the phone and sounds angry (? This is all fuzzy) and makes Shawn come back. So Shawn's comes back, only to learn that Chet has backed out again. I think what happened next is that Mr. Turner has had enough and wants to live, saying he makes a stinky dad. So Mr. Turner disappears from their lives, and I think Shawn moves back into his trailer. Then in the Graduation episode, Minkus says "I've gotta go. Hey, Mr. Turner!", a clever ploy from the writers to poke fun at his disappearance. Then I KNOW that somewhere in a college episode they arrive at a hospital because Mr. Turner has been a motorcycle accident, or maybe that was in high school. Someone, please help me and tell me what really happened to Mr. Turner.
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    His last appearance was in the fourth season. In the episode, "Cult Fiction." He got into an accident. After that, he just never appeared anymore.
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