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Wonder what the characters are doing?

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    In the beginning I think that the would all live in the same apartment building somewhere in New York. I think Eric would eventually either become a Thespian actor or Weatherman then probably meet the perfect girl for him somewhere in New York. Shawn would become a poet I guess, like they said may'be for Rolling Stone magazine. Then I guess he would eventually meet the perfect girl for him (not being Angela) and they would probably get married. Corey and Topanga would have their child, and Corey would probably become a businessman. Angela would meet a European guy and probably work for a magazine. I think that Jack and Rachel would get out of the peacecorp, get maried and start a kid. I guess they would all meet at a reunion in PA. As for Josh, I guess the story of Boy meets world would just repeat itself and he will probably get Feeny for a couple of years in a row.
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