Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 4

Fraternity Row

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 24, 1997 on ABC

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  • shawn cuts class.

    I saw major improvement from the last episode, and we sort of got back to being emotional and funny, rather than none of the above. This was a Shawn-centric episode, and as most BMW fans know, the Shawn episodes always tend to be more emotional. In this episode, Shawn finds high school unnecessary when he goes to a college class to impress a girl, and ends up really enjoying. He starts to cut class, which upsets Feeny. Feeny ends up suspending Shawn, after he catches Shawn in the act. Shawn takes the suspension, but then he fails his college paper because he didn't know the basics that he is supposed to learn in high school. The Love Boat people didn't help this episode one bit and they were the most unnecessary. Lately, it feels as though Topanga has become a side character, hopefully we find more episodes centered on her or Cory, because all the episodes so far have been focused on Shawn, Jack and Eric. As a side plot, the dean reprises his role, and he is very unlikable in my opinion. It's as if he has nothing better to do than to take down Eric &Jack's made up fraternity. In this episode, Eric & Jack make up a fake fraternity, and the dean tries to prove them wrong. This plot wasn't really my cup of tea, but the main plot made up for it. In the end, Shawn agrees to come back to school, and I felt this episode was important for Shawn in the development of his character, since now we know that Shawn likes college. So to sum it up, the Shawn plot was good, and the side plot with Eric & Jack was a bit dull. Good episode overall though.
  • Shawn in college??

    Shawn ends up in a college class. He really likes it, but he lacks the basic skill of writing, grammar, spelling, etc. Mr. Feeny suspends him from school when Shawn ditches class to write his college paper. Eric and Jack make up a fraternity called Magnum PI. The dean wants to see it and Jack and Eric lie about it and have to get two guys from Love Boat.

    This was a great episode! I don't really know much about the Love Boat show, but I guess it was cool seeing those two actors from the show. I love the scenes where Eric and Jack are wearing dresses. This episode gets a 10!
  • This was a turning point in Shawn's life.

    In this episode Shawn visits a college philosophy class and finds out he's pretty good at it. I think this is the first time he realizes he really has a chance to succeed in college. Mr. Feeny seems to turn his back on Shawn, but he's really allowing Shawn to make his own choices, a sign of growing up. Shawn chooses to skip his high school classes so he can attend college courses, and Mr. Feeny has no choice but to suspend him. Cory's not ready to let Shawn go, though, and tries to convince him to come back to his classes at John Adams. Finally, it's the college professor that convinces Shawn to return to high school. He gives Shawn an F on his paper because, even though he has some really good insights, the mechanics...spelling, grammer, etc., are lacking. In fact, the whole paper is written in one sentence. The show's writers did well in showing the importance of finishing high school, and didn't do it in a preachy way. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack's fraternity scam was funny, but really turns hilarious when Ted Lange and Bernie Kopel of The Love Boat show up. The tag at the end of the show, where The Matthews family has, in essence, trapped the two men in their home is very funny. I love to see Ben Savage's funny, over-the-top laugh he shows in this scene.
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