Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 4

Friendly Persuasion

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory is afraid of the co-ed bathroom, "I just got comfortable going in front of guys!" After Shawn pokes fun at him, he reveals the he and Angela broke up. It was a mutual decision, because they both want to meet new people. Cory can't believe this. He calls it "a buncha crap", and insists that Angela and Shawn belong together.
Cory goes to Angela and asks her to talk to Shawn about the break-up. She says there's nothing to talk about, and besides, she and Cory were only friends because he was friends with Shawn.
Cory is hurt by this, but he continues to try to convince Angela that, not only should she and Shawn get back together, but that he (Cory) is friend material.
Angela initially rejects him, but Cory won't leave her alone and he eventually follows her into the co-ed bathroom, overcoming his fear. Angela ends up telling Cory that she's still in love with Shawn. She hasn't told anyone this fact, and Cory realizes it's a secret that binds them as friends.
Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny enrolls in a psychology class at Pennbrook. As luck would have it, he's in the same class as Eric, Jack and Rachel. While giving a presentation, Mr. Feeny, unable to leave his teacherish behavior behind, draws the ire of the dean by asking her to raise her hand. Later, the dean realizes that the teaching bug hasn't left Feeny, and she offers him a job.