Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 4

Friendly Persuasion

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 1998 on ABC

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  • perfect

    what i liked- Cory finally gaining the courage to go in the co-ed bathroom, Cory trying to get Angela to be friends with him, Feeny being in Eric, Jack, and Rachel's class, Feeny realizing setting/environment in fact do have to do with behavior.

    Good episode. Lot of humor and a good plot.
  • Great!

    Angela and Shawn break up. Cory tries to maintain a friendship with Angela. Cory works up courage to go into the co-ed bathroom. Mr. Feeny becomes a student in Eric, Jack and Rachel's class. While giving a presentation, Mr. Feeny's teacher side takes over and he talks to Dean Bolander like a student. Dean Bolander offers him a job as a teacher there.

    This was a great episode! When Eric did the Feeny Call, it was awesome! I also think that the co-ed bathrooms are a little weird. I'm glad that Cory and Angela can stay friends! This episode gets a 10!
  • Shawn and Angela break up!!

    When Shawn and Angela break up and Cory tries to help, Angela tells him that she wasn't his friend in the first place. Cory goes to talk to Angela and discovers that Shawn wanted to break up and not Angela. When Cory discovers that Angela didn't even tell Topanga that, he knows that they are truly friends. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny goes to the college as a student, but that doesn't turn out exactly as planed, as he still feels like a teacher. I loved the feeny call!!! Eric is so funny! I feel bad for Angela, but I'm glad that her and Cory really are friends! This was a great episode!! I'm just a little sorry there isn't that much of Eric in this episode.
  • Shawn and Angelia break up, Cory and Angelia become "friends" and Feeny is in the classroom again ... as a student.

    Feeny as a student? This thought made everyone think the same thing ... Boy Meets World has finally jumped the shark .... However this is just a setup to show how he can never stop being a teacher. At the end of the episode he is pretty much offered a professoring job, allowing him to stay on the show and not make it corny! On the other side of the show, Shawn and Angelia break up so they (really Shawn) can get a "true" college experiecne. In the wake of the break up Angelia believes that her and Cory's friendship was based on her and Shawns relationship. He sets out to prove this wrong and it eventually takes his overcoming the coed bathrooms to prove this to her. This episodes is great for devoloping Angelia's character from "Shawn's girl" to "One of the gang" It also introduces the Dean and Feeny's future love intrest (and real life wife!)
  • Angela and Shawn break up, and she reveals to Cory that they were never really friends. Cory has to try hard to show her that they are, including getting over his fear of co-ed bathrooms. Through this episode, Angela and Cory become friends.

    This episode is a great episode not just of BMW, but all tv shows. Even though you don't always see characters hang out, and really don't share special moments, everyone is best friends. What they did with Angela and Cory was great. Not really being friends, and them, after all this time actually sharing a moment and becoming friends was great. It was well written and as if its real, because let's face it. We often hang out with people that aren't really are friends, but are their through someone else. So what happens when they break up, or your mutual friend moves. You realise whats really between you, and sometimes you need to fix it. The show didn't keep Angela and Cory still friends, they did this episode to explain why they would still be hanging out. Afterall, if they are even hanging out together, its through Shawn typically (and Topanga, didn't really mention that though, but whatever)
  • Shawn breaks up with Angela; Cory overcomes his fear of the co-ed bathroom; Feeny is offered a professoring job.

    Cory wants Angela to talk to him about the break-up, but she says there's nothing to talk about, and besides, she and Cory were only friends because he was friends with Shawn.Cory won't leave her alone, and finally follows her into the co-ed bathroom, overcoming his fear. Cory refuses to let Angela take a shower until she lets him befriend her. In the end she tells him she's still in love with Shawn, and sharing that secret binds them together as friends.
    Meanwhile Feeny has returned to Philadelphia to take a developmental psychology class at Pennbrook.
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