Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 14

Getting Hitched

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 1999 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked- Shawn taking off his shirt, and jeans, and shoes, and giving them to Jack, Jack and Rachel kissing near the end and Eric walking in on them, Eric messing with the green face stuff on Topanga and then eating it off his hands, Eric's favorite 'fish' being a penguin (and the fact he misspelled that), the ending leading up to the next episode, Cory praying to God to bless all those around him, Topanga saying she wants to change everything about him (in a humorous manner), Cory not knowing whether Topanga was right or left handed, amongst other things.

    Really good episode. Cory and Topanga's plot was more humorous in tone and Shawn and Jack's was more serious, which was nice. Good episode and I am definitely giving this one an A+. One of my favorites from season 6
  • Great episode!

    After Chets death, jack wants to go through his trailer with shwan to know more about his father. while doing so, shawn discovers a letter that says jacks stepfather payed for shawns college tuition which upsets him. He decides he wants to go one the road because he feels like he has nothing there. Meanwhile, cory and topanga decide to live together after finding out they don't know as much about each other than they thought. This doesn't go as well as planed. Also, eric, who thought he and rachel were a great couple, walks in on jack and rachel kissing. This was a great episode! I thought shawn was so cute when he was upset. also, it was cute when cory was praying before bed.
  • I loved it!

    Shawn and Jack sort through Chet's belongings. Jack is sad that he never got to know Chet and he and Rachel share a kiss. Eric sees them kissing. Cory and Topanga play against Eric and Rachel in the Fiancee Game. Eric and Rachel beat them because Cory never got a point. Topanga decides that she should move in to get to know each other better. Shawn decides to go on a road trip and Cory comes along.

    This was a great episode! It's so sad that Jack didn't get to know Chet. I thought the game was hilarious! Eric spelling "penguin" like "pengwin" and thinking that it was a fish was so funny! This episode gets a 10!
  • I liked this one

    This was a very touching episode. Mainly about Shawn and Jack\\\'s relationship as brothers. I really liked this one and it was very touching. It was probably one of my favorites. Shawn doesn\\\'t think much of Jack after finding Jack\\\'s family lent money to help Chet pay for Shawn\\\'s education. Shawn feels like they didn\\\'t believe that he could get by on his own.
  • This is a truly touching episode.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot because there was a lot of drama and truth between Jack and Shawn. Also, the part where Eric walked in when Raechel and Jack were kissing was so sad. All the episode Eric was going around saying that Raechel and him were perfect together and that Jack was going to be jealous. Then he comes in and there kissing, he had such a sad face. It's one of the few times where Eric is serious and it was truly appauling. It's rare when a touching episode comes along. This is a great episode and definately one of my favorites.