Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 2

Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 27, 1996 on ABC

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  • Physical appearance.

    This episode was one of my favorites of the series, because it's a life lesson we can all learn from. In high school, everyone worries about their physical appearance. They play it out really well on this show. Cory is going through that awkward phase, and to prove a point, Topanga chops her hair off. She goes to the beauty parlor to fix it and she becomes like a different person, she starts caring on how she looks. The scene at the end with Shawn & Topanga was wow. Great motivational speech, Shawn! He got her to see what was really in the mirror. It was great moment between those two: memorable. Cory tries to fix himself up for Topanga, but by then she's already had her epiphany, and kisses Cory in the end. Also a good Cory/Topanga plot. Meanwhile, Eric is job-less and has been laying around the house all day, he comes in to self realization when he meets this girl who also didn't go to school, but she is by herself taking care of a kid. Eric then realizes he is really lucky to have his mom & dad supporting him, and he agrees to look for a job in the end. Both strong plots. Which made this episode amazing.
  • I really liked this episode!

    In this episode, Cory obsesses over his hair. Topanga wants to show him that looks don't matter so she cuts of some of her own hair. I thought it was really cool how they did it because she really did cut her hair. It wasn't like a wig or anything. Eric was being really lazy and just sitting around the house. He decided he was going to be a detective. He even came up eith a really funny theme song.
    Oh when a crime breaks out all the cute girls shout
    Get the good looking guy
    When there's a crime out there he's gonna comb his hair
    Cause he's the good looking guy
  • Good-looking guy!

    Cory is self-conscious about his appearance. Topanga tries to make him feel better by cutting some of her hair off. She then freaks out and goes to the salon. After all her talk of inner beauty not outer beauty, she starts to becomes obsessed with her looks. Cory and Shawn try to change her, but she won't listen until Shawn really talks to her. Eric just sits on the couch all day and eats cereal, so Alan and Amy tell him to get a job.

    This was a great episode! I'm glad about the message that was conveyed. Inner beauty is way more important than outer beauty. Eric was hilarious! This episode gets a 10!
  • how cute! Boy meets world teaches us that it's the inside that matters, not the outside! haha.

    Topanga, in order to prove to Cory that looks don't matter, lops off her gorgeous hair. Then, she looks in the mirror. That's when the trouble starts.

    Cory had been feeling insecure about his hair, and since Topanga is practically a supermodel, tons of guys were hitting on her, which really bothered her.

    Topanga goes to a salon to fix her hair problem, and gets a sexy new look, which makes the issue of guys hitting on her even bigger. This bothers Cory even more, because now Topanga has become more superficial, and isn't the same caring and kind person she was before. So Cory plans to get a haircut by the same salon, but Shawn convinces Topanga that she's changed, and not for the better.

    So Topanga throws some water on her hair, and looks like a wet rat. Then, she rushes to the salon to stop Cory from getting a haircut. So Cory and Topanga come to terms with their relationship, and establish that, no matter the other looks, they'll always love each other for who they are on the inside. Aw!
  • one of the best

    It goes to show you how much TOPANGA really cares about corry. even though it is something small and something that will grow back. it goes to show that every show had some sort of meaning behind it. this one says that no matter what you do, a true friend will be there to pick you up. Topnaga has been and shows in this film that she will be there for cory. as in many episodes she does this with cory. He is the most lucky kid on earth., topanga really proves that she cares about cory and how he really feels
  • this episode was so necessary for bmw - topanga chops off her hair

    in this episode, cory starts out feeling insecure about his hair, and to show cory that outer appearence doesn't mean anything, topanga chops off some of her own long hair. when she looks in the mirror, and realizes her hair is all uneven, she freaks out. cory talks to her and she decides to go to the beauty parlor after school to get it evened out. when she comes out of the beauty parlor, she is a totally different person (i.e. hello buh-bye i am so at the mall). cory attempts to get his hair redone by the same stylist, but ends up looking the same. topanga and cory both still love each other a lot. in case you didn't know (you probably did), this episode was made because danielle fishel wanted to cut her hair.
  • Cory is feeling insecure about his looks, when topanga decides to cut her hair to prove that apparence has nothing to do with why she loves him.

    The producers wouldn\'t let Danielle cut her hair the first 3 seasons. She begged the producers to let her cut it, and they said \"fine but we are making an episode out of it!\" and that is how the episode came about! One of my favoite episodes in the series.
  • One of the best of BMW.

    You have to love Boy Meets World. This episode from their fourth season was a fine example of the greatness of Boy Meets World. You have the great lesson that had to be learned and the jokes to help it along. Of course I think the very best thing about this episode, that many will agree with me, is the "Good Looking Guy Song." This was genius. I use to sing this all the time when it first came on. The ending credits still make me cry from laughing so hard. Pure genius.
  • Isn't this the 15th episode revolving around Cory's head...I knew I loved this show!

    So Cory still doesn't like his hair. I remember a few seasons ago when he tryed to straighten it. That was the episode where Cory and Topanga had there first kiss. And now, here's another episode about Cory's hair and his relationship to Topanga. He's afraid he's going to lose her because of her new hair. Much like he thought he would lose his friends because of his hair a few seasons ago. Topanga was always nice about Cory's hair. When he had that crazy look she sat with him at lunch and hung around him even though he made fun of her for being weird. Now she's willing to cut her own hair for him. Awww...but she's still a teenage girl and must get it fixed! So Cory is worried about losing her to her hair. Touching really. I'm glad those two end up together. They have great things in common. Like hair issues.

    All in all I give this episode an 8/10 because it was funny (like all episodes) and provided some insight to the relationship between Cory and Topanga.
  • Perfect episode

    This is the best-of-the-best of Boy Meets World. It is very funny and quite well-written.

    The scenes of Eric watching TV on the couch are absolutely classic, and his "good looking guy" song is unforgetable.

    This episode is also important because it completes Topanga's transformation. Topanga enterd the series as an eccentric girl, to say the least. Throughout the first three seasons, she gradually became more normal. In this episode, her make-over and "Hello, bye-bye, I am SO at the mall!" comment completed the transformation. She was now normal.

    NOTE: This episode is included as a bonus episode with optional cast commentary in the Boy Meets World season one box set.