Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 2

Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 27, 1996 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Shawn says that Topanga's appearance is totally natural. Yet only a few episodes earlier, in "The Happiest Show in Earth," she has an entire trunk for her hair products. Also, when they were younger, Topanga's hair was extremely wavy. She must either straighten it now or have crimped/curled it then.

    • Mr. Turner refers to The Elephant Man as John Merrick. However, his real name was Joseph Carey Merrick.

    • For a long time, this was the only episode of season four to be officially released on DVD. It was included as a bonus on the "Complete First Season" set. In 2010, season 4 got released by Lionsgate.

    • During the scene where a guy gives Topanga his card, his hair changes between the shots. In one shot, there's a piece of hair in his face, when the camera cuts back to him it's gone, then during the next shot, it's back again.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Eric is having a dream about baseball, but in 'Truth and Consequences' it was established that he doesn't have dreams, or any brain activity for that matter, when he sleeps.

  • Quotes

    • Morgan: (holding and waving a Mr. Potato Head toy) Hi, I'm Cory and for the next three years, I'm gonna look like a potato!
      Eric: (pushes Morgan out of the way) Morgan, you wanna get outta here?
      Cory: No. The child speaks the truth. I, Cory Matthews, am a po-tay-to.

    • Eric: Come on Cor. Every teenager goes through this gawky, awkward, "hate what they look like" phase.
      Cory: Well what about you?
      Eric: Yeeaah, you think that, baby.

    • Shawn: No, Cory; we've known Topanga all her life, okay? She doesn't wear makeup. She's never been to a beauty parlor. She's completely natural.
      Cory: So what's the big deal?
      Shawn: The big deal is, she was beautiful before without any body's help. Now, she's got professional help. She's gonna be mega-beautiful. We're not even gonna be able to look at her directly without burning our retinas.
      Cory: Shawn, come on; this is not Beverly Hills. It's a neighborhood beauty salon next to Old Lady Schneider's Donut Shop. I mean, they don't exactly do miracles here.
      (a woman gets up out of the stylist's chair)
      Shawn: Old Lady Schneider!
      Cory: It's a miracle!

    • Topanga: Cory, it's just a haircut, it's just some make up; it's not gonna change me. (looks at her watch) Gotta go.
      Cory: Where are you going?
      Topanga: This outfit with this hair? Hello, buh-bye; I am SO at the mall!

    • Alan: Eric, put down the Coco Puffs and get a job.
      Eric: Okay, okay. Send me out in my bathrobe. What kind of job could I possibly get in a bathrobe? night.

    • Cory: If anybody knows hair, it's me. When I get a haircut, it looks terrible for like the first six weeks. Then all of a sudden it looks terrific for like a day. Then it's time for another haircut. It's what I like to call the haircut cycle of shame.

    • Cory: Stop looking at her toes.
      Shawn: But they sparkle.

    • Eric: Check it out; I already thought of a theme song:
      Oh, when a crime breaks out,
      all the cute girls shout
      "Get the 'Good Lookin' Guy'!"
      When there's a crime out there,
      he's gonna comb his hair;
      cause he's the 'Good Lookin' Guy'.
      Book 'em good lookin'.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mr. Cellini: It's is very rare that on a Tuesday, our slow day, that Venus De Milo herself would sit in my chair.... The Venus De Milo is one of the most famous pieces of Greek sculpture. It is a sculpture of the Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite, but her Roman name Venus.