Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 14

Heartbreak Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's time for the senior ski trip. Everything is going great until Cory sprains his ankle getting off the bus. He is relegated to the ski-lodge's couch, but he tells Topanga to have a good time and go skiing.
Cory is letf in the care of Lauren, a lodge employee who gets lonely when everyone leaves to go skiing. She brings Cory hot chocolate and plays board games with him, until the returns. Cory thanks Lauren, and Shawn notices that Cory may have a "crush". Cory denies this, but Shawn knows Cory.
That evening, Cory isn't tired, so he stays up with Lauren. They discuss the beauty of the sky, minus the ambient light of Philadelphia, and end up talking all night.
Lauren tells Cory she likes him, and Cory returns the sentiment. Lauren knows they can't do anything about this, but Cory insists they can still be friends. He then notices his ankle is better, but when Topanga comes down he says it still bothers him. He decides to stay in. Shawn, knowing Cory better than anyone, realizes that his ankle is fine. "You lied to Topanga!"
That day, Cory tells Lauren he can't have feelings for another girl. He tells her it didn't mean anything. She asks why he lied to his girlfriend if it didn't mean anything, and then kisses him.
Shawn admonishes Cory for kissing Lauren, but he warns him not to tell Topanga about it. Cory ends up telling Topanga he lied about his ankle to spend the day with Lauren. She tells him it was OK to talk to an interesting person, but it wasn't OK to lie. He promises not to lie again. She hugs him and asks if anything else happened. Cory says no.
As everyone is leaving, Lauren gives Cory a letter. He puts it in his bag, with out reading it, and leaves. Outside, the letter falls out and Topanga picks it up.