Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 14

Heartbreak Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 1998 on ABC

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  • perfect

    cory hurts his ankle on the senior's ski trip, and as such, obviously can't ski. he becomes infatuated with a girl who works there, lauren, and they begin liking each other. lauren and cory even go as far as to kiss! What will happen when, or if, topanga finds out?

    good episode and one of the best arcs in the series. i loved it, from the humor it had, to the 'cliffhanger' finale (if it is considered a cliffhanger). Overall a good episode that sets the course for what, the next like 6-7 episodes? Definitely gets an A+ in my book
  • We meet Lauren.

    Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Angela go on a class trip to a ski lodge. Cory sprains his ankle and must stay in the lodge. He meets Lauren, a girl who works there. She takes care of him and they stay up all night talking. She kisses him. Cory kind of likes Lauren back. Cory is afraid to tell Topanga, but he tells her everything except for the kissing part. Lauren writes him a letter and Topanga finds it.

    This was a great episode! To be honest, I actually like Lauren. I wouldn't mind if Cory ended up with Lauren. This episode gets a 10!
  • Lauren pisses me off!

    So I would have to say I hated this episode because I hated that itch Lauren for making a move on Corey even though it was clear that he was with Topanga and Corey pissed me off because clearly he let Lauren lure her in her §lutty ways. This is why I don't respect some guys and why I hate cheaters. I felt so bad for Topanga and clearly she didn't deserve none of this crap because I thought Lauren was an ugly piece of crap compared to Topanga. OK OK maybe she isn't ugly but I still hated this storyline!
  • You either simply adore this episode, or loathe it completely...not much of an in-between

    Ah, the infamous Lauren plotline, beginning with "Heartbreak Cory" and sort-of-but-not-quite culminating in "Torn Between Two Lovers(And Feelin' Like a Fool)" two episodes later (really I believe that the Lauren 'issue' as some people saw it, was finally resolved in "The Psychotic Episode" nearly one season later). These three episodes featured a younger, pre-Freaks and Geeks and ER fame, and brunette Linda Cardellini as the down-to-earth girl working at a ski chalet, who befriended Cory after he injured his ankle, and who dared come between the destined Cory and Topanga.

    Now, many people despise Lauren, understandably so, seeing as we've been rooting for Cory and Topanga since the show's pilot...but really, I found Lauren to be a very well-written character, and in all honesty, though I love Topanga, I wouldn't have minded seeing a longer relationship forming between Cory and Lauren. It's a shame that she only appeared in three episodes (and in one she was only a figment of Cory's imagination...)

    This episode marked an important point in the lives of all of the main characters of the show, and from this episode on, Cory in particular, showed a lot of character development in terms of discovering who he truly is, and whom he truly loves.

    Definitely one of my top five episodes.
  • Cory spends an entire day with Lauren and begins to develop feelings for her.

    This was a great episode!
    What really hit home was how the episode showed that through a spark of fate, you can meet the one you were meant to be with at the most unexpected time and place. Honestly, I would have picked Lauren if I was Cory.
    It is such a rare event for two people to connect on the level that they did; spending all night just talking and truly understanding each other - it is a special and very rare occurrence. While Topanga is a good girl, I never got the feeling that they shared the same connection that Cory and Lauren did on that night.
    If you find someone that connects to you in the way these two did that night, you don't walk away, you don't pass it by, and you don't let her go.
  • This episode is about Corey and the rest of the gang going on a ski trip and him spraining his ankle. He starts having feelings for the person ordered to take care of him while his ankle gets better. He ends up sharing a kiss with her.

    I absolutey loove this episode also because it was kind of nerve-wracking to see Corey struggle between his feelings for both Lauren and Topanga. I was REALLY mad to see him share that kiss with Lauren, jeapordizing his relationship with Topanga. I liked him and Topanga together they made a cute couple. He just really runined a good thing. I'm just sooo glad that they got back together. But he shouldn't have ever considered being with Lauren. I mean he really hurt Topanga but he better be grateful that she took him back. I give Topanga her props and I hope that didn't make her doubt him any less that she already did. But this one made me REALLY think how hard temptation is to resist.
  • Cory kisses another girl.

    Cory and his friends go on a school ski trip. Cory hurts his leg as soon as they get there, so he has to spend his time indoors. But, when things get a little too friendly between him and a girl who works there, he lies to Topanga so he can stay in with her another day. He gets in even deeper when Lauren kisses him.
  • Very emotional but a surefire way to keep the viewers coming back until the conclusion six episodes later.

    This was one of the hardest episodes for me to watch. When Topanga broke it off with Cory my world came crashing down along with the world of every other die-hard BMW fan. The episode itself was played off well, the plot works and the characters are more than believable. This would, however, be the start of a painful month as the two danced around each other. There was a moment of brief relief in the "Scream" influenced episode "And Then there was Shawn" but even that was immediatly followed with a heart-wrenching episode as Cory and Shawn turn to alcohol to drown there sorrows.

    All is made better as the two become one again in "Starry Night" but I will never forget the time period leading up to it as I and all of "BMW nation" waited as patiently as possible for the two to be reunited.