Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 2

Her Answer-Part II

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 02, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga can't bring herself to say "I do." "Oh, yah hate to see that!" Cory exclaims.
In the car on the way home, Topanga explains to an irate Cory that she wants their families at the wedding. Cory finally agrees that a marriage should be a celebration, not a secret. They'll have a real wedding later.
Meanwhile at home, friends and family discuss the situation. Everyone is sad that they missed the wedding, but not everyone agrees it was a good idea. Eric is also upset that Mr. Feeny has decided to move. Mr. Feeny thinks that everyone should support everyone else's considered decisions.
When Cory and Topanga return home, they are surprised with an assembled "Congratulations" party, complete with banner. Everyone is having a good time, laughing and making toasts; but before the couple can reveal that they didn't get married, Amy interrupts by making a scene. She can't support their decision to marry. "Why couldn't you have just gone to Yale," she moans at Topanga.
Topanga apologizes for causing trouble and exits quietly. Cory stays back to yell at Amy. He accuses her of lying about liking Topanga. "What's best for us, Mom, is for you to trust us! I love her, alright?! I will always love her! And you know something else, we didn't get married! Because she wanted you to be there!" He storms out.
Later, Alan helps Amy realize that she's upset because she's not ready to let Cory go, and that Topanga is good for Cory.
Amy and Alan meet Cory and Topanga at a park. Amy apologizes Topanga and gives her her mother's engagement ring. Cory proposes to Topanga with it, and the couple tell the parents that they're going to wait to get married.
Meanwhile, Eric and Jack buy Rachel presents, but she seems overwhelmed. The boys apologize for creating too much sexual tension--Rachel just needs friends. She thanks them for "saving [her] from [her]self". She says she could have easily fallen for either of them, which makes the boys sad.
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