Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 6

Hogs and Kisses

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 30, 1998 on ABC

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    Even thought the plot to this episode was completely ridiculous, and Cory was being ridiculous all the way through, it was still a fun entertaining memorable episode. If it's any episode that I remembered from season 6, it would be this one when Cory & Shawn swap partners, not really, but sort of.

    Shawn & Topanga have to kiss for a movie, and Cory thinks they felt something, which eventually gives us the classic scene: "UNDERPANTS!" I'm sure every Boy Meets World remembers this scene. It's not until Angela kisses Cory until he comes to his senses, ot didn't mean anything.

    Shawn & Topanga's prank on Cory was definitely the highlight of this episode, I laughed all the way through. The Rachel/Eric/Jack plot was very memorable, the food fight was hilarious. Even though this wasn't the best episode in quality, it was a memorable episode of Boy Meets World.
  • Great

    Cory thinks Shawn and Topanga secretly have feelings for each other, so he makes them go on a date. Do they have deep feelings? Eric and Jack try to impress Rachel by making her think they are clean guys. Will this plan work?

    a good episode, it had some funny lines, and an interesting plot. It made me really want to see what would happen, even though the outcome is fairly predictable, I think it was handled really well. My overall grade for this episode is an A+, definitely a good episode from this series, I think so at least.
  • Great episode!

    When Shawn and Topanga share a steamy kiss for a video promoting the university, Cory freaks out! He thinks that they've been hiding a secret passion for 15 years! Shawn and Topanga try to convince him that they're not in love, but Angela is the one who persuades Cory. Eric and Jack act different around Rachel. She shows them that she can be a slob like Jack and Eric as well.

    This was a great episode! I loved the food fight between Rachel, Jack and Eric. I think that what Angela was telling COry is true. This episode gets a 10!
  • Shawn and Topanga kiss while filming a video for their college.

    When Cory can't act for the video for his college, Shawn steps in, and has to kiss Topanga. Cory refuses to let this go and feels like there might be something between the two so he tells them to go on a date to see if there really is something between them. Cory talks to Angela who eventually talks him out of it and shows him that if you love someone, a kiss between friends can mean nothing. Also, Jack and Eric try to be gentlemen in front of Rachel.

    "underpants" how Cory said it was so funny!! And when you saw Topanga and Shawn reading lines from a script! The food fight was also really funny!! But the best part was probably Cory with the body-builder type guy!! I really liked this episode!
  • Shawn and Topanga are kissing for a school project and Cory cathes them. Angela however brings Cory back down to Earth.

    This episode was very shocking to the characters,but not to the viewers.I love the way Cory reacts to the kiss, and the talk him and Angela had. This episode scores and 8.2 for its morale,lesson, yada yada yada. What is was missing was a tearjerking moment.It didn\'t matter if it was a funny one ,or a dramatic one, or a romantic one. It just needed one.Badly.They also needed to have this episode and hour long special due to romantic problems.I do agreee on Disney not showing this episode due to one of the scenes Cory, Shawn, and Topanga. This was a very fine episode.
  • A movie requires Topanga and Shawn to kiss.

    Cory asks Shawn to take his place in a Pennbrook propoganda film where he has to kiss Topanga. The kiss is so passionate the Cory thinks the two have secret feelings for each other and demand that they go on a date.
    Meanwhile Jack and Eric pretend to be polite in order to impress Rachel. But Rachel doesn't want to be treated with kid gloves just because she's a girl. To combat this, she initiates a food fight where they waste a lot of spaghetti.
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