Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 6

Hogs and Kisses

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 30, 1998 on ABC

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  • Shawn and Topanga kiss while filming a video for their college.

    When Cory can't act for the video for his college, Shawn steps in, and has to kiss Topanga. Cory refuses to let this go and feels like there might be something between the two so he tells them to go on a date to see if there really is something between them. Cory talks to Angela who eventually talks him out of it and shows him that if you love someone, a kiss between friends can mean nothing. Also, Jack and Eric try to be gentlemen in front of Rachel.

    "underpants" how Cory said it was so funny!! And when you saw Topanga and Shawn reading lines from a script! The food fight was also really funny!! But the best part was probably Cory with the body-builder type guy!! I really liked this episode!
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