Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 19, 1995 on ABC

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  • A home for Shawn

    Shawn has trouble living with the Matthews. He sneaks out and gets caught by the police. He brings him to Mr. Turner's apartment. Chet still hasn't come home. Mr. Turner offers to let Shawn stay with him. Eric is stressed out by the SATs so Mr. Feeny helps him.

    This was a wonderful episode! Shawn needs a great home and Mr. Turner's home is a great place. It's sad that Chet won't come home though. I liked how Cory and Shawn had the same sweatshirts! Also, I liked how everything was marked wih an S. This was a great episode and it gets a 10!
  • this episode is crucial

    this episode is important in understanding why shawn is living at turners apartment throughout season 3. in this episode, shawn is staying at the matthews, but his different lifestyle takes its toll. shawn drinks straight from the carton/bottle (haha), wears ripped clothing (which Amy tries to patch for him and he is upset), and takes a long time in the bathroom. mr turner offers to take him in at his place (the apartment) and shawn accepts the offer
  • Shawn has moved in and it's not working. What's he gonna do? Eric is worried about the SAT's. How will he make it? Great stuff.

    This episode was great. It was one of the first episodes that really dealt with Shawn as more than Cory's best friend. Shawn actually gets to be his own person. Turner also shows up as a real person in this episode. Shawn and Turner are two guys who both need something. Shawn needs someone who will actually care about what happens to him and doesn't have other poeple to worry about like the Matthews. He gets in trouble and of course goes to Turner starting the bond. Shawn's father and mother both abandon him at the same time, he needs someone, and Turner needs some sort of responsibility in his life. Wow this is just too perfect for words.

    Eric is wiggin out over the SATs. Again Eric is seen as a kind of dumb comic relief. Feeney then tricks Eric into doing his gardening for tips on the SAT. Feeney of course just does this so Eric will relax and stop worrying (And to get his gardening done.) It seemed a little out of character for Feeney to trick Eric, but it still lead to some laughs.

    Good Episode with a good solid ending for a season with a set up for Season 3.
  • Shawn's dad has left to search for his wife, and Shawn is going crazy living at the Matthews' home. Meanwhile, Eric is having trouble studying for his SATs.

    This episode will lead us into most of next season's activities with regard to Shawn. This episode sets the stage for a good chunk of Shawn's development as a young man throughout the next season. This also seems to be mark-off for where Eric's character takes a turn. Somewhere along here, Eric's character goes from normal to really neurotic and weird. I don't know.
  • shawn's dad is on the road looking for verna and inconsiderably dumps shawn off at the matthews home. because of the differences between shawn and cory's lifestyles, they both start getting annoyed by each other. meanwhile eric is struggling studying for

    i think this is a very important episode because it opens an establishment with shawn and mr. turner's relationship because of their similar rebel personalities. i think it's important to the show that mr. turner reaches out to shawn because at this point shawn really needs someone to look up to and be pointed in a better direction than a runaway lowlife. ben savage, though humorous, surprisingly plays a serious role quite beautifully and still manages to throw in a couple of funny remarks between the "help-my-bestfriend-find-who-he-is" drama.