Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 21

Honesty Night

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory was so excited about reconciling with Topanga that he forgot to tell Shawn! Since Shawn tried so hard to put the couple back together, he should have been the first to know. Ignoring Mr. Feeny's warning, Cory decides he and Topanga should pretend to still be mad at each other, so Shawn can reunite them. "Is that the stupid-idea-train coming around the bend?... All aboard."
They make a show of fighting, for Shawn's benefit, then secretly apologize. Shawn agrees to moderate, but he says it will take a lot of time and effort. He instructs them to list character flaws, being brutally honest. In response, Cory calls Topanga cold and unforgiving. Put off, Topanga responds by calling him an insensitive jerk. Shawn's proud of them for starting a dialog, but Topanga storms out in anger.
Cory can't believe what just happened. His plan backfired with tragic results. He explains to Shawn everything. As it turns out, Shawn wouldn't have cared that he wasn't told first.
They try to rectify the situation back at the apartment. Topanga suggests that maybe they've known each other too tong. Shawn muses that it's just residual anger.
At Chubbies, Shawn tells Angela that there's still hope for Cory and Topanga. Just then, Alan and Amy enter to ask Cory to look after Morgan. The parents get into an argument, which Cory tries to mediate, but they just ignore him. Topanga, seeing this, suggests that insensivity runs in the family. Alan threatens to forget Amy's birthday on June 14th, and Amy laughs. "That's your birthday." They both laugh, hug and make up. Cory and Topanga realize that fights don't have to be a big deal. They apologize to Shawn for forcing him into the middle of things. They shouldn't have asked him to put them back together, because no one could have done that but themselves.
As Amy and Alan exit, they exchange secret "thumbs-up" with Shawn.
Meanwhile, Eric gets a word of the day calender, and delights in opportunities to use his new vocabulary.
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