Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 18

How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 17, 2000 on ABC

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    Not a bad episode of Boy Meets World, just not as good as the other episodes. Season 7 was strange, it had some of Boy Meet World's best episodes, but some episodes like this one weren't as great. Eric predicting the future by sneezing? Does this sound like a Boy Meets World episode to you?

    Boy Meets World has crossed the line of reality to fantasy before, but this just didn't work here. I didn't really buy that they could make something as ridiculous as Eric predicting to the future to something emotional as Jack realizing he was greedy. Felt a bit forced by the end, it was predictable.

    The good plot, I guess, would have to be Cory & Topanga thinking they were a boring couple, and throwing a boring party. It was nice of Shawn to gather all those people and Cory & Topanga's food fight was quite amusing. Fair episode of Boy Meets World.
  • perfect

    cory and topanga feel they are getting boring, so they plan a party. but it turns out the biggest party on campus is being held at the same time and day. what will happen?

    eric gets a 'power' where when he sneezes he can supposedly see the future. jack does not believe this but will he, when he finds out eric may know the lottery numbers to win 4 million dollars?

    good episode, the sub plot, whilst weird, was my favorite part of the episode. the overall episode was good but the sub plot was funnier. overall grade for this- A+
  • I loved it, but I felt sorry for Eric.

    Cory and Topanga have become a boring couple. To prove that they can be wild, they decide to throw a party. Shawn, Angela and Rachel want to go to another party instead. When no one shows up for their party, Cory and Topanga start fighting. Although, they make up very fast. Eric stumbles upon a super-power when he hits his head. Whenever he sneezes, he can see the future. Jack wants to use the power for evil as Eric sneezes out the first three lottery numbers for a 4 million dollar prize. Jack abuses Eric until he sneezes out the last three numbers. Eric knew that it wasn't right, but Jack was being greedy. Then Jack thinks that the numbers are wrong so he tears it up, only to find out that he was listening to the wrong lottery and that he actually won.

    This was a wonderful episode! I liked how Cory and Topanga were so corny with their party plans. I felt really bad for Eric. Jack shouldn't have done that to him, plus he lost anyway. This episode gets a 10!
  • I Think the show is a great. And it is one of my favorite shows even though i only started watching it a couple months ago. i think that everybody should start watching this wonderful show, boy meets world. It\\\\\\\'s great.

    I think Boy meets world is one of the best shows i have ever watched. Even though i only started watching it mabye a couple months ago i still think it is great. The character\\\\\\\'s are just wonderful and so are the episodes. There are regular situations that could happen to teenagers and i think some of the information could be useful to teenagers.My favorite character is Eric. he is so hillarious. it was so funny how every time he sneezed he knew something would happen. it was cool how he was able to sneeze that much though. it was funny. i love him. i hope that is his personality in real life too. Although i don\\\\\\\'t think he should have cut his hair in the last season. it looked great the way it was. but the show is still my number one favorite show. besides Full house. i hope it never goes off the air. And i hope everybody else thinks that also. I rate this show a 10. Hope you get a lot more great reviews like this one.