Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 9

How to Succeed in Business

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 28, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory and Shawn land work-study jobs at an advertising company. Since they're not getting paid, Shawn just wants to have a good time, but Cory takes the job very seriously. Cory says Shawn's should look to him as a role model, because he's going to climb the corporate ladder; and if he plays his cards right, Shawn can be right behind him.
Shawn goes with an abject Cory, delivering mail to the Senior Managers. A phone rings at an empty desk and Shawn answers it. Ad-libbing, Shawn is able to calm down an irate customer. The company Vice President sees this and is impressed. He asks Shawn to fill in for a no-show temp.
It turns out that Shawn's fun attitude is the key to advertising success. He impresses more big-wigs with a toothpaste ad focusing on the sexiness of fresh breath, countering Cory's advice, to play on the fears of bacteria and gingivitis.
Topanga, also in work study, is doing well, herself. Cory begins to feel left out, so on his next mail delivery run, he picks up a ringing phone. Lacking Shawn's people skills, he screws up and loses an account for the company. Cory is fired, as Shawn is called in to regain the account. Shawn does manage to get Cory hired again, but this time, it's as a janitor.
Cory is upset that he seems to be failing at everything; but he's even more upset because Shawn is succeeding. "I was supposed to be the one to succeed, not Shawn!"
Cory and Topanga arrive at Shawn's apartment, for a dinner they've been planning with Shawn and Angela. "I know it's awkward for you to be doing so much better than Shawn, but this dinner has been planned for a long time. We just won't talk about work," says Topanga. Cory agrees, but at the dinner, Shawn's company cell phone and fax machine go off; and Angela lets slip that the company also gave Shawn a credit card.
Topanga is impressed with Shawn and wonders what the company gave Cory. Cory responds by pulling out his ring of janitor's keys. With it all out the open, Cory admits that Shawn's success is killing him. Shawn says he's happy with his success and he just wants to enjoy it, but he can't because of what it's doing to Cory. Cory finally admits that he's just jealous.
Meanwhile, taking Eric's advice to get out of the house and do something, Amy signs up for a creative writing course at Pennbrook. When it turns out that she's in the same class as Eric, he feels embarrassed--especially when she writes non-fiction accounts of intimate encounters with her husband, which the rest of the class likes, but he hates. Amy almost quits because of Eric's objection, but he realizes how important the class is to her and tells her she should stay, and keep writing. In the end, she writes a story about Eric's birth, which he likes, but the rest of the class hates.