Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 14

I Am Not a Crook

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 13, 1995 on ABC



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    • Cory: I want to be president because I want to know who I am.
      Alan: And who are you?
      Cory: (Holds up his campaign poster) Cory Matthews: honest, loyal, decent.
      Alan: Honest to the voters, loyal to your best friend, and decent enough to kill off your parents.

    • Shawn: If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you listen to me?
      Cory: Yeah, I did that once. Remember?
      Alvin: How can you vote for a guy who's dumb enough to jump off a bridge?
      Shawn: It was a miniature golf bridge. He jumped in to get my ball, and don't call my friend dumb.
      Cory: Yeah, there's no room in this campaign for name-calling, you four-eyed, frog-voiced geek.

    • Cory: Shawn, he doesn't have anything on us does he?
      Shawn: No, it's a bluff. It's gotta be. (suddenly nervous) Listen, man; a lot of weird stuff goes on in the trailer park.

    • Shawn: I'm gonna put together a campaign like this school's never seen. An unstoppable tidal wave gathering snow, blazing through the sky, crushing everything in its beak!

    • Topanga (to Alvin after he asked her to nominate him): No, go away. And don't look at me.

    • Eric: So how's the campaign?
      Cory: We're just reevaluating. You know, considering a new direction.
      Eric: And that would be...down?

    • Mr. Feeny: When do you step in and teach them the democratic process?
      Mr. Turner: If Matthews wins... Tuesday.

    • Cory: Shawn, you're squealing.
      Shawn: Yeah I'm squealing! That's the sound you make when your best friend takes a gun and stabs you in the back right in front of your eyes!

    • Cory: What is with these 5-day school weeks? I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty much shot by Wednesday. So let's end the week there.

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    • Title: I Am Not a Crook

      The is a reference Richard Nixon's infamous quote, during the Watergate scandal.