Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 22

I Dream of Feeny

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 13, 1994 on ABC

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  • boy meets world

    Okay didnt really watch it
  • Good season finale

    Ok now people I have been dealing with a minor glitch on which makes all my sentences squash back together after I have put the in paragraphs so from now on I will be using a dash- to seperate my paragraphs. - I never liked the first season but the I have to say I did enjoy the season finale.- After Cory wishing something would happen to Feeny so he would not go to school Feeny ends up in the hospital and Cory becomes guilty and starts having dreams of Feeny as a ghost walking trough walls mainly his bedroom's wall. The connection that was established between Cory and Feeny at the end of this episode was very touching and I knew that Feeny belonged there in the show to watch over Cory and guide him through his life. -

    Nice finale but I was way more excited in other finales.
  • Season finale!

    Cory wishes that Mr. Feeny would get sick so that they wouldn’t have to take the test. When Mr. Feeny doesn’t show up for school the next day, Cory gets worried. Mr. Feeny is in the hospital because of appendicitis and Cory feels guilty. Alan says not to feel guilty and that he wishes he could’ve thanked his fourth grade teacher for what she taught him. He visits Mr. Feeny and thanks him.

    This was a great season finale! Cory and Mr. Feeny really become closer in this episode! I really am going to miss Minkus since this is his last appearance until 1998. This episode gets a 10!
  • cory wishes that mr feeny would get sick to avoid a big test

    when cory wishes that mr feeny would get sick to avoid a big exam coming up, he actually does. in fact, mr feeny ends up in the hospital. cory feels terrible and worried that his wish actually made it happen. the scenes where feeny appears everywhere are hilarious. also, cory talks to mr feeny at the hospital, and they actually really bond in this episode
  • This was one of the most pivotal episodes, where Corey wishes for Feeny to get ill and he actually does. Then Corey goes to the hospital and says a line that changes the whole course of the series.

    Throughout the first season Corey really is a troublemaker and a tough kid. If you look at him in the Later seasons he is much more of a well nicer character and more grown up. However I remember during the 1st season, Corey was always getting into trouble and always got into serious trouble with Mr. Feeny. When he wished Mr. Feeny would get sick on the day of a test and he actually did, Corey was happy. However he felt bad because Feeny missed numerous days of school and went to the hospital to see him. There you saw Corey and Mr. Feeny get their first emotional bond with each other, and you really began to see the development of Corey growing up into a man by the last episode of the series. However I remember when Corey is leaving the Hospital and sees Feeny is doing well, he says "Thanks", Feeny looks at him surprised and says "For what?" and then Corey looks at him and says "I don't know yet." and closes the door. That was a pivotal moment in the series, and the beginning of Corey Matthew's change to a man. Great episode.
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