Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 7

I Love You, Donna Karan-Part I

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

In keeping with his long-standing "two week rule", Shawn breaks up with Angela, even though he admits he started to like her. Cory and Topanga think he should abandon his two week rule, as a longer relationship may make him a happier person.
Later, Shawn and Cory find a purse and look through it in order to identify the owner, but there's no wallet or ID. The only items they find are kiwi-mango lip gloss ("That is so sexy!", remarks Shawn), a book of Shakespeare sonnets ("I hear he's good"), and a ticket stub to a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme ("Only the greatest actor ever made!").
They put up a flier advertising the lost purse. While waiting for a response, Shawn reads the book of sonnetts and actually likes them. Upon further inspection of the purse, he finds a guitar pick, a box of Sno-Caps and a CD of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Cory points out that Shawn hates cal music. That's only because he's never really listened to it before, Shawn counters.
Cory and Topanga try to set Shawn up on a date, but when she isn't interested in cal music and sonnetts, Shawn gets upset and leaves.
Shawn realizes that he may be in love with the owner of the purse. Later, he excitedly tells Cory that the girl called about the purse. He wants Cory to bring her the purse, but Cory thinks Shawn should go. This could lead to something serious for him.
Shawn goes to Chubbie's with the purse. He puts Vivaldi on the jukebox and waits. When the girl arrives, she smiles when she see the purse, but before she picks it up, a boy walks in and the two hug.
Hurt and angry, Shawn blames Cory for his heartbreak and tells him to stay out of his personal life. After he leaves, the purse girl and Angela enter. Angela comments how lucky the girl is to have her purse back. The girl agrees. "Here's all your stuff back," she says, dumping out purses contents. To Be Continued...
Meanwhile, Eric is nervous about a big test. He goes to Mr. Feeny for help, but Mr. Feeny wants him to do things for himself. As a solution, Eric conjures an imaginary Mr. Feeny. When Eric gets a 'B', the hallucinated Mr. Feeny leaves, and Eric realizes he was capable all along.
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