Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 7

I Love You, Donna Karan-Part I

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1997 on ABC

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  • This was A Perfect Episode

    what i liked- Shawn yelling at Cory at the end to stay out of his personal life, Shawn's date with Debbie (You're REALLY Thin!), the twist at the end with the things in the purse belonging to Angela, everything in the Eric plot, like when he was talking to 'Feeny' and asked if he wanted him to change his underwear, Jack being upset that Eric got a better grade then him, amongst other things.

    This was a hilarious episode, and it was also sweet. Shawn (Rider Strong) was really good in acting in this episode. A+
  • Shawn falls in love...

    ...with a handbag. A solid episode with a surprising cliffhanger that I'm sure felt a lot of people guessing on what was going to happen next. Shaw falls in love in this episode when he finds a lost handbag, and everything inside of it, he loved. He falls in love with the idea of a woman being out there who owns the purse. Throughout the episode, we get to see Shawn all in love and such, meanwhile Angela and Shawn break up because of Shawn's two week rule. Angela looks like she still likes Shawn, and Cory & Topanga feel as though Shawn should find true love. Meanwhile Eric needs help on studying with his exams, so an imaginary Feeny follows him around giving him the answers, while Jack wants to know ho Eric is doing better in school, when really he had it in him all along. A kind of cliche episode, and it didn't really help the episode much, I think it would have been better if Feeny were actually helping him. A nice twist in the end when it turns out he was studying for the wrong test throughout the epsiode though. Shawn finds the owner of the bag, but she has a boyfriend, he yells at Cory, heartbroken. It was an emotional dramatic scene, and it was sad to see Shawn like that, but the cliffhanger gave us hope. Turns out the things in the bag were Angela's things, not the taken girl. Leaves things up in the air, which was exciting, overall a great episode, with a pretty good cliffhanger as well.
  • Shawn is in love with a girl based on the contents of a purse.

    Shawn and Cory find a purse and after taking a look at the insides, Shawn realizes that the mystery girl is exactly the girl he wants to be with. After jack tells him about a call from the girl who wants the purse back and wants to get it at chubbies, Shawn decides to go to meet his dream girl. When Shawn discovers that the girl has a boyfriend, he decides not to believe in love. Shortly after this, Cory and Topanga realize that everything in the purse belongs to Angela. Meanwhile, Eric studies with the help of an imaginary Mr. feeny.

    this was a cute episode. it was nice to see Shawn look so happy and it was kinda funny to see him in love with a purse. i liked when he put on the classical music at chubbies and everyone looked at him weird. its too bad Shawn didn't find out that that was angela's stuff. also, Eric was funny in this episode, also jack when he was trying to get invisible Mr. feeny to tutor him.
  • True Love!

    Shawn breaks up with a girl named Angela. Cory and Shawn find a lost purse. Shawn looks through it and he falls in love with the girl who owns the purse. The only problem is that he’s never met her. He goes to meet her and it turns out that she has a boyfriend. Shawn is heart-broken and he tells Cory to stay out of his personal life. Angela and the owner of the purse come up and the owner gives the stuff in the purse to Angela. It turns out that all the contents of the purse belong to Angela. Eric has an imaginary Mr. Feeny who helps him on a test. Jack wants to find Mr. Feeny so he can get help. This was a great episode! I loved how Shawn and Angela really connected in this episode. I can’t believe she is the owner of the contents! The imaginary Mr. Feeny was funny! Eric was also really funny! I loved this episode and it gets a 10!