Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 20

I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 03, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Shawn is tired of feeling like a guest everywhere he goes. Chet misses his son, but he feels that Shawn is better off with Mr. Turner.

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  • Tension rises when Chet comes in to town.

    This episode was really decent, the whole Shawn living with Turner era has ended,a perfect way to almost end a season, I love how Shawn was acting up again, he didn't do that since episode 2, season 3. Well anyways this was a really good episode also because of the subplot, Eric being a tutor, even though his grades are low & he ended up teaching himself in the end, another one of Feeny's valuable lessons. Another great moment is in which Topanga takes it outside with that girl, that means she is jealous!, Anyways, Shawn ends up living with his father at the end which is the way it should be. A great episode.moreless
  • Shawn has been living with John until Chet comes back to town.....

    It's been a year since Chet took off looking for Virna. In that time, Shawn moved in with his teacher, Johnathon Turner. Shawn isn't one to stay very long with someone other than his family, and says he's tired of feeling like a guest. So Cory goes off looking for Chet, Shawn's father, and takes Topanga with him. They find Chet at a diner, and some southern lady makes a move for Cory, getting into a cat fight with Topanga. Cory talks with Chet, and convinces him to come home. Shawn decides to move back into the trailer park with his uncle Mike. Later, Shawn is in the police station, and Chet finds him there. Apparently, Uncle Mike's trailer was gone and Shawn slept were it used to be and a police officer found him and brougt him to the station. Chet was there for too many parking tickets. Anyway, John showed up to get Shawn, and pays Chet's bail. Chet says Shawn doesn't have to stay with Turner anymore, because he's staying home. Shawn is happy, but I think John misses him, just a little. Overall, this was a great episode, even thought it was kinda sad. Loved it.moreless
  • Shawn moves with Chet.

    Mr. Turner is ready to become Shawn's legal guardian. Chet hasn't called for Shawn recently and Shawn misses him. Cory and Topanga go and talk with him. Chet comes back and he and Shawn decide to move in together. Eric tutors a jock who needs a C average to get into college. Mr. Feeny's plan worked because Eric got an A on the midterms and Jeff, the jock, got a C+.

    I liked this episode! I'm glad that Shawn and his dad got to move in together. I thought it was funny when Cory was so serious about the apartments and the carpets. I also liked when he knew Jonathan's secret code! This episode gets a 10!moreless

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