Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 19

I Was a Teenage Spy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 26, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory, Shawn and Topanga are eating at Chubbie's. Cory wants Topanga to go with him to the Fifties sock hop, but she thinks that it will complicate their friendship. Cory doesn't agree but there's nothing he can do. When she leaves, Cory expresses his gratitude to Shawn, that there is nothing complicated about their friendship.
Later; a power surge, caused by Eric plugging in a defective microwave, causes Cory to lose his report on Sputnik. When Mr. Feeny walks in, Cory rants about how difficult things are for him and how easy it was for students in the fifties. Mr. Feeny heartily disagrees. Cory, not knowing what caused the power surge, plugs the microwave in and is zapped to the year 1957.
He quickly finds Topanga (now the sassy TL) and Shawn (now Shawnzie). Shawnzie is a loner-rebel with no real friends. Cory befriends him almost immediately, but TL is wary at first.
Meanwhile, fifties-Eric is an intelligent Harvard-bound student.
Later, Mr. Feeny announces that the Russians have launched a spy satellite. When Cory tells everyone to relax because it's only Sputnik, he's accused of being a Russian spy himself. TL and Shawnzie sneak him out of the school. He tries to go home but is surprised to find that Morgan is there but his parents are different. He's taken to Jail when Morgan discovers that he's a "spy".
Amy and Alan come to get Cory. At first they seem like a typical, American fifties couple, but they turn out to be Russian spies. Amy brings Cory a muffin so he can eat and be strong for when they savagely torture him. TL and Shawnzie set off the air-raid and help Cory escape before his "parents" can tell him more.
Shawnzie takes them to his "make-out" pad, where Cory and TL have a moment. She has grown to like Cory. The two of them kiss, foreshadowing events to come, two episodes later.
Cory needs to think of a way to get home. He's lost for ideas but Shawnzie suggests going to see the Wise Man. The Wise Man tells Cory that he needs to find another microwave to plug in. Cory is out of luck when he realizes that their are no microwave ovens in 1957. "Oopsie!" says the Wise Man. Luckily, it turns out to be a dream and Cory wakes up just as an angry mob closes in around him.
Cory realizes that things weren't that easy in the Fifties, and that he's lucky to have a friend like Shawn. He also realizes his true love for Topanga.