Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 18

If You Can't Be With the One You Love...

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 06, 1998 on ABC

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  • @catlover18

    this also shows topanga's jealousy. why is cory apologizing for the way he is acting? he is telling funny stories and flirting with other girls,but not in an inappropriate way and people are really warming up to him. O wait, that's the problem. topagna is jealous that he is not at home pining over her, but instead being at a party and having fun for once. topanga and her parents have martial problems, as we find out in later episodes, and we also see that outside of shawn, cory, and later angela and a few other people, through cory, shawn and angela, she does not really have alot of friends on her own. before they dated, cory had alot of little girlfriends and was kinda popular, but got as awkward as topanga when they started dating. she was seeing that he was attractive to other girls, first lauren, the reason they broke up for this season, and then the other girl at the party that night. and instead of doing his own thing, maybe without alcohol, he wusses out and apologizes for doing nothing wrong. topanga never really dates anyone besides cory and is jealous when others are liked but not necessarily her. overall, the episode is not really realistic. you wouldn't become an alcoholic in a week and if you are drunk enough to pee on a cop car, you would feel a hangover the next day. but it is funny in parts, so i say 6 of 10
  • perfect

    cory drinks to get rid of the depression he has been having, and shawn starts too. they agree to stop drinking, but shawn continues behind his friends' backs. what will happen when it is revealed he still drinks?

    good episode but i do not get why disney never aired it. it's not like the episode is all "beer is good drink it" or anything; it's about a mature topic, yes, but it can help parents deal with kids who might drink. Anyway, good episode, serious with a good grain of comedy, this episode gets an A+ from me. perfect episode
  • When Cory starts drinking to ease the pain of his break up with Topanga it is up to Shawn to stop him. But when Shawn starts driking too they run into real trouble.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I especially liked that Cory was the one who drank first, it showed that he isn't perfect and it also let us see another side of Shawn. The only problems I had with it was that Shawn was addicted within a week. While it is like him to do something like that I don't think it would happen that fast. The other thing is that they don't really show the physical effects, they mention that Shawn threw up on Cory's shoe but you never see them sick or hung over. I think it would have made it a little more believable. But I also loved the kitchen scene because after Alan screams at them he apologizes to Shawn and Cory tells his parents the real problem.
  • Definately one of the best Boy Meets World episodes ever!

    This episode was great in so many different aspects. The obvious fact that they touched upon alcoholism was key in the show stepping outside of the box and doing a story on something dangerous. It was a risk that paid off IMO. It also showed the negative effects of drinking and that drowning your sorrows with a bottle isnt the answer. It was also nice to see Shawn being the good guy for once. The way he took the wrap for Cory when Mr. Matthews blamed him for Cory drinking was noble. It showed that Shawn really does appreciate all the times Cory was there for him. All in all it was one of the best Boy Meets World episodes of all time and i dont understand why this episode is banned on certain networks.
  • Aside from Shawn's incredibly quick descent into alcoholism (what - a week?), this episode is more than worth the watch just for the kitchen scene.

    This episode is one of my favourites. Not because of the ridiculously unrealistic snap of time it took for Shawn to become an alcoholic (although, some of his scenes are very smotional to watch), but because of the scene where Alan and Amy lecture the guys for underage drinking. This is some of the best character acting we've seen of Cory's Dad and from Shawn as well. Watching Alan say he's "sick of overlooking the influence Shawn has on his kid" and looking at Shawn's heartbroken face brings tears to my eyes. Amy and Cory's horrified faces just add to it. Then, watching Alan chew Cory out to the point that Cory is afraid of him brings it even further! From a pretty surreal comedy series, this was a powerfully acted episode. Even if (like me) you find Shawn's lighting-quick addiction to be unrealistic, watch this episode just for that amazing kitchen scene.
  • while at a wild party cory decides to take a drink of whisky since he is so depressed about his recent breakup with topanga.on the way home cory does some pretty stupid crap since he's drunk; like peeing on a cop car.this is a must see episode for all fan

    this is avery touchy episode for all boy meets world fans this covers a very important topic that should be discussed with your kids at an early age. i think that this episode in my opinion should get a perfect ten (but what episode shouldnt?!)although his episode is more serious than the others ben savage and rider strong get in their laughs great acting by both characters and by william daniels! i think that was great parenting!
  • This Episode of Boy Meets World shows the world the dangers of drinking alcohol.

    This Episode of Boy Meets World shows the world the dangers of drinking alcohol. If you learn anything from the show its two of the most dangerous forms of abuse there are. Alcohol and physical abuse, we saw the physical abuse briefly,but we saw it. That was when Shawn hit Angela against the door of the apartment. And the alcohol abuse we saw when they (Cory and Shawn) downed the rest in the bathroom of the party. Not only then but also when Shawn was already sick because of beer he had another one.

    We also learned of ways how to get help and identify someone who is a drunk and an abusive one at that also.
  • Cory decides he can get over Topanga if he drinks a pint of whiskey at a party. He makes Shawn do it too.

    I give them credit for the idea, but in my opinion, they can do this type of episode on any other show.

    On the other hand, that scene in the bathroom was a riot. When they are both taking shots of the whiskey and making the funny noises, lol...oh man, only Ben Savage and Rider Strong could pull that off so well.

    Same deal when right after Shawn shatters the empty whiskey bottle.
    Cory: "Hey! I was gonna put flowers in that and give them to Armanga"
    Shawn: "Wait, you just said Armanga"
    Cory: "No not our Manga my Manga"

    I give William Russ credit too, he looked like he was about to knock Cory's head right off his neck when he was giving his big lecture in the kitchen.