Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 18

If You Can't Be With the One You Love...

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 06, 1998 on ABC

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  • while at a wild party cory decides to take a drink of whisky since he is so depressed about his recent breakup with topanga.on the way home cory does some pretty stupid crap since he's drunk; like peeing on a cop car.this is a must see episode for all fan

    this is avery touchy episode for all boy meets world fans this covers a very important topic that should be discussed with your kids at an early age. i think that this episode in my opinion should get a perfect ten (but what episode shouldnt?!)although his episode is more serious than the others ben savage and rider strong get in their laughs great acting by both characters and by william daniels! i think that was great parenting!