Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 7

It's About Time

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 1999 on ABC

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  • Cory and Topanga get married, but almost everything goes wrong, mostly thanks to Cory and Eric.

    After a long time of wait, Cory and Topanga are going to get married!!!!!!!!! But getting married has never gone this hilariously wrong. This episode begins as Angela, Rachel, and Topanga¡¦s Mom pampering Topanga for her big day, all thinking the day is going to be great, but then Sean bursts in and complains that Cory is being too demanding so he¡¦s crashing there, they then tell him to go away and he obeys, great scene there, one of the funniest lines ever ¡§Shawn, how could you and Cory be fighting on our wedding day? He loves you more than me!!!!!! It¡¦s true but I¡¦m okay with it!¡¨ then cuts to a perfectly acted scene of what the guys all do on the big day, laze around in their underwear ƒº then there comes pretty much the only things I didn¡¦t like about this episode 1. Jack comes out in his undershirt and boxers and the audience screams, totally unessicary, and 2. Shawn¡¦s reaction to Cory¡¦s ordering every one around-ness, it¡¦s one thing to get a little upset that your friends getting married and being hard- headed, but to quit the wedding, how retarded. Anyway, now we get one of the best scenes ever , Eric will do whatever it takes to be an outstanding Best Man replacement, he has reserved a wedding under the name of ¡§Harry Peterman¡¨ for the wedding of ¡§Henry and Myra¡¨ at the nicest hotel in Philadelphia, this is very stupid and unrealistic, but once you watch it, you¡¦ll find it hilarious. Now everything is going perfect when Sean unexpectantly shows up with the missing rings, and thinks Cory will apologize, but sadly he doesn¡¦t, so that just leads to another retarded fight, oh well, they make up, at gay toward each other, which is still adorable.

    Then at the end Cory and Topanga run off to the luxury suite to get it on because It¡¦s About Time.

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    ¡§I didn¡¦t remember the rings¡K¡K but I remembered my underwear¡K¡K no I didn¡¦t.¡¨