Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 3

It's Not You... It's Me

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 1997 on ABC



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    • Shawn: Look, Mr. Feeny. Let's not waste anyone's time. Cory and I, we broke up.
      Cory: It should've happened sooner.
      Shawn: But we stayed together for the kids!
      Cory: In the class.

    • Eric: OK. First college paper, playing with the big boys. 10,000 words; word number one...I want my Mommy! Ha, that's three words.
      Jack: Come on, Eric. You had three weeks to write this paper.
      Eric: You don't make fun of my learning disability!
      Jack: You have a learning disability?
      Eric: I would think so!

    • Cory: I'm taking another boy's grapes.

    • Cory: He's got a new best friend!
      Topanga: You're Jealous. It's so cute.
      Cory: No, no, no. I'm not jealous, but two can play at this game, girlfriend.

    • Jack: I was thinking of handing in a paper I wrote, about uncovering dinosaur fossils in China.
      Feeny: You got pictures? (Jack shakes his head, no) Then you got nothing.

    • (in the flashback)
      Little Topanga: Cory I told you not to play by the llamas.

    • Shawn (to Lionel): If you guys ever play basketball, make sure there's plenty of water around, because Cory tends to dehydrate.
      Cory (calling from the elevator): Lionel!
      Shawn: And let him win once in a while. He likes that. And Lionel; NEVER eat cake in Paramus...that's ours!

    • Cory: Did you know that Lionel has a really wonderful singing voice?
      Topanga: Cory, come here a minute, I want to tell you something. (kisses Cory) Did you enjoy that?
      Cory: Yes ma'am!
      Topanga: OK, good.

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