Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 6

Janitor Dad

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 25, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Virna finds that Chet has been hiding bills in the microwave, she and Shawn insist that he get a real job.
The next day, Shawn causes a milk spill in the hallway. He and Cory joke that they have ensured the janitor's job for another day, but both are surprised when Chet appears to clean up the mess.
Chet's happy being a janitor because it's a normal job, "for normal people". Being able to see Shawn everyday is also a perk, but Shawn feels embarassed. A bully, Crandall, makes fun of Shawn for having a janitor father. Shawn lashes out and when the two are separated, he is sent to Mr. Feeny's office.
He complains to Mr. Feeny that his father being the janitor is a problem. Mr. Feeny hadn't considered the awkwardnes of the situation, so he leaves the question of whether or not Chet should continue at the school, up to Shawn.
Shawn continues to feel humiliated, so he tells Mr. Feeny to let Chet go; Chet needs a job that will make him feel important.
At home Shawn talks to his mom about his embarassment. Virna doesn't understand, and says that she's never been more proud of Chet. His job is real, unlike all the stories he's made up. Shawn begins to feel guilty about his decision.
Shawn gets to school early the next day to tell Mr. Feeny not to fire his dad. Mr. Feeny reveals that he was never going to fire Chet, it was all about teaching Shawn a lesson.
Meanwhile, Amy proves that she's not an asset to the wilderness store by warning the customers against dangerous activities, so Eric and Alanlook for someone to replace her. Luckily, a rugged mountain man walks into the store looking for a job. He's a great salesman but when he finds out his mother is "powerful sick", he has to leave. Not one to let people down, he leaves his attractive niece, Lonnie, in his place.