Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 19

Kid Gloves

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 25, 1994 on ABC

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  • Cory's birthday

    It's Cory's birthday and he is very excited! Seeing that Eric gets cool stuff from Alan, he can't wait. He is surprised to find a pair of little silver gloves when he wakes up. He isn't really impressed. But Alan tells him a story about how he got the gloves. He, Shawn, Topanga, Minkus have joined the Scuba club, which Mr. Feeny teaches. When Cory comes home, he realizes he lost the gloves, so he searches for them in the school pool, unsupervised. Mr. Feeny catches him and brings him home. He also reveals that he has found the silver gloves.

    This episode was great! It shows the value of little things. Even though they are not worth much moneywise, it can be very valuable to someone else. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • great eppie!

    this was a good episode.
    haha!!! i think it was funny when Topanga took off her robe and it showed her in her swimsuit. And all Shawn and Cory can do is stare at her. i thought that was a good example of how we all know that cory secretly likes topanga and isn't admitting it!
  • cory loses the boxing glove necklace his father gives him on his 12th birthday

    cory recieves a present from alan on his 12th birthday, but not the kind of present he had expected and wanted. alan gives him a necklace with 2 silver gloves on it (boxing gloves) as opposed to when eric turned 12 he gave him a knife thing (any army knife i guess ?) but cory loses the necklace and blows it off until he realizes the necklace's true meaning. alan won it. and they were very special to him. cory learns to take better care of things.
  • In this episode Cory's dad gives him a pair of boxing gloves. Cory knows it is special to his dad but doesn't know why. Cory comes home from school and realizes he lost his father's gift. He doesn't care until his dad reveals to him why it's so special.

    This episode was very average. It wasn't really informative about anything. I guess it shows the bond between Cory and his father. You do find out that Alan was a boxer on the nav and got second place in his division. Shawn and Cory still get to rip on Minkus about a lot of stuff. It's funny when Topanga takes off her robe and has a bathing suit on. They both stand there looking at her. Another funny part was when Feeny was teaching them how to use the equipment. And Cory goes, "Shawn, I hope you brushed your teeth." Overall, the episode was nothing new.
  • Alan gives Cory a boxing medal he won while in the Navy. Cory being Cory...he loses it within 24 hours.

    A very good episode. Not great, just really good.

    Minkus in the green wetsuit was just hilarious. So was when Cory impulsively hugged Mr. Feeny.
    Another great part was when Shawn wondered what happened when he pulled the line on the inflatable life vest. The look on his and Cory's face was priceless.

    Isn't Mr. Feeny just a little too old to be a "certified dive master?"

    And another thing...why in the hang would you wear something that hangs so loose around your neck underwater while scuba diving?

    I'd also like to know where the water goes when it exits the pool through the filter.