Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 10

Last Tango in Philly

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Topanga and Angela get jobs at a Mexican restaurant. They want to go dancing after work and they invite Cory and Shawn. The boys decline, on the grounds that they are men, and go to the gym instead. The girls go dancing with co-workers, Sergio and Nunzio.
The next day, Shawn and Cory are jealous; but because the girls asked them to come along, they have nothing to complain about. Instead of going dancing with there girlfriends, the boys decide to work out at the gym in order to beat up Sergio and Nunzio.
Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny has trouble reading signals from a lady who's interested in him, Jack goes bowling instead of spending time with a sick girl friend, and Alan installs a satellite dish, which Amy responds negatively towards.
Topanga is angry at Cory for acting jealous, but Cory doesn't see that he's wrong. Instead, his solution is for Shawn and himself to take two girls they met at the gym to dinner. The attempt to make Angela and Topanga jealous predictably backfires, and the girls are only get angrier.
All the men gather at the Matthews house to discuss there woman troubles. Eric proposes the idea that men may, in fact, be idiots. To make it up to the women, they surprise them at the club with a choreographed dance to the tune of "Hot Stuff". In the end, the men realize that all they had to do with listen to their significant others.