Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 10

Last Tango in Philly

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1997 on ABC

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  • Not a good episode

    This episode has so many problems it drives me nuts. First off, the girls are going dancing on a school night? We know it's a school night because they're in school the next day talking about it. The boys are made to look like the bad guys when the girls are the ones going to a club with their MALE coworkers. The girls are wrong. There are some things you don't do when you are dating someone. Cory and Shawn went overboard with bringing the foreign girls to El Coyote, but that's only because Topanga and Angela made them feel bad for being upset that they were hanging with hot men. And then there's Jack. When did he get a girlfriend? His problem is just randomly thrown in at the end so he can have a reason to dance. The dance number is memorable and I love it, the saving grace of the episode.

    Oh I must add Katherine. The fence between Feeny and the Matthews? Does it just end so it's more of a border than a fence? Katherine looks like she's walking down a sidewalk which would be interrupted by the fence.

    What happens to the girls' jobs when this episode is over? Never spoken of again, I do not believe.

    I can and do forgive Boy Meets World for a lot of things (as a fan it's something you do) but this one is too cheesy even for me. I don't like it when Angela and Topanga are made to look like the good guys and Cory and Shawn are the bad guys and this is clearly one case where the girls are wrong.
  • 510

    A good episode, although it was very cheesy, and some of the plots came out of nowhere and were questionable, this still was a classic memorable episode of Boy Meets World. In this episode Topanga and Angela are suddenly waitresses at a Mexican restaurant which I'm sure after this episode, they're never seen again in. They ask Cory and Shawn to go dancing, when they say no, they go with some waiter friends of theirs. Jealousy ensues when Topanga and Angela throw their male "friends" in their faces.

    Everyone seems to be having lady troubles when Feeny can't seem to read a girl who likes him, and Jack complains that girls never mean what they say, while Allen and Amy get in a fight over a new satellite dish that Allen can't stop watching. All the guys get together, and agree that men are idiots. An incredibly cheesy scene in my opinion, and when the dancing started, it only got worse. I enjoyed the plot resolution, but I'm not going to rate an episode higher because it's doing what it's expected to do. It was memorable because of the dance scene, but other than that, this episode was pretty fair.
  • In this episode Corey and Shawn don't want to go out dancing with Topanga and Angela. The girls instead go with their co-workers. Mr. Feeney, Allen and Jack also get in trouble with their women. What do the guys have to do to win them back?

    In this funny episode of Boy Meets World, all the women in the show seem to get mad at the Boys. It's starts out with just Corey and Shawn getting in trouble for not ever wanting to go dancing with Topanga and Angela. As the episode goes along Jack gets in trouble with Rachel. Allen gets in trouble with Amy, and lastly Jack gets in trouble with Rachel. With the men in toruble the ladies all decide to go out dancing; Topanga, Angela, Rachel, Amy and Mr. Feeney's Girlfriend The Dean. With men all in trouble and a little help from Topanga's co-workers and Eric, The men put on the dance of a life time for their ladies as well as everyone else in the dance club. It is a great episode of Boy Meets World and a funny one. 8.5 out of 10.
  • Men are idiots!

    Cory and Shawn become jealous when Topanga and Angela dance with their new co-workers. Amy is upset when Alan won't spend time with her because he's installing a satellite dish. Mr. Feeny can't tell when a woman wants to go out with him. Jack doesn't understand why his girlfriend is mad when he doesn't make chicken soup for her when she's sick. Eric tries to help everyone.

    This was a great episode! I loved the dance at the end! Mr. Feeny looked so funny! Sometimes, men are big idiots, like Eric said. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • The girls Topanga and Angela start a new job (which by the way we never see or hear about again) and Cory and Shawn don't want them to go dancing with some co-workers after work get jealous. At the end it is Eric who talks to them and clears things up.

    This is one of their silly episodes because it doesn't really move the plot along, but thats alright because sometimes that's whats needed.I like the fact that it is Eric of all people that explains things to them like why they should dance with the girls, and he acts like he knows everything,and he ends up right, but his character isn't suppose to know anything. At the end Eric is able to get himself and all the other guys on stage dancing: Eric, Jack, Cory, Shawn, Mr. Matthews, and Mr. Feeny. This episode is worth watching just for the dance!
  • haha - the hot stuff dance!! its hilarious...the other jokes arent as good but..

    this episode is ok.

    topanga and angela are waitresses at some mexican restaurant and they end up dancing like every night with their co-workers and cory and shawn are jealous.

    the whole thing is cory and shawn trying to get angela and topanga to stop dancing with sergio and nunzio or something like that

    but i have to say - the hot stuff dance is VERY FUNNY and the ep is worth watching just for the dance :)
  • This episode had some funny parts, but most of the points they made about men were cliches and watching Feeny dance to "Hot Stuff".

    Topanga and Angela are working at a Spanish restaurant and Cory and Shawn are noticing how friendly they are with their male co-workers. They think they know how to handle it and let the girls go out dancing without them. Of course, they end up jealous anyway. Alan, Jack, Eric, and Feeny can relate to their situation and they all decide that the problem is: men have always been idiots. To make up for that, they decide to dance for the girls.