Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 10

Last Tango in Philly

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1997 on ABC

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    A good episode, although it was very cheesy, and some of the plots came out of nowhere and were questionable, this still was a classic memorable episode of Boy Meets World. In this episode Topanga and Angela are suddenly waitresses at a Mexican restaurant which I'm sure after this episode, they're never seen again in. They ask Cory and Shawn to go dancing, when they say no, they go with some waiter friends of theirs. Jealousy ensues when Topanga and Angela throw their male "friends" in their faces.

    Everyone seems to be having lady troubles when Feeny can't seem to read a girl who likes him, and Jack complains that girls never mean what they say, while Allen and Amy get in a fight over a new satellite dish that Allen can't stop watching. All the guys get together, and agree that men are idiots. An incredibly cheesy scene in my opinion, and when the dancing started, it only got worse. I enjoyed the plot resolution, but I'm not going to rate an episode higher because it's doing what it's expected to do. It was memorable because of the dance scene, but other than that, this episode was pretty fair.